Alexander Zverev criticizes Gerard Piqué: “Money doesn’t buy history”


Alexander Zverev was one of the most critical tennis players of the revolution brought about by the Kosmos Group to transform the Davis Cup. The German had even decided to no longer participate in the most important team competition, only to then take a step back and place himself at the captain’s disposal to represent his country on the court.

Considering the precedents and the new struggle between the ITF and Gerard Piqué’s company, Zverev could not avoid expressing his opinion.

The ITF has decided to prematurely terminate the collaboration with the company founded in 2017 by Gerard Piqué and terminate the partnership with immediate effect.

Alexander Zverev: “You can’t buy history with money”

Averev explained: “You can’t buy history with money. Sport thrives on emotion and the Davis Cup has always been the competition with the best atmosphere. We’ve all seen that the new format doesn’t work. I think this competition needs to generate emotion through home and away games. I’m a fan of best-of-five-set matches. The ITF should involve players to make decisions.”

Zverev was not the only illustrious exponent to harshly criticize the new proposal. Nicolas Mahut, who won the Davis Cup in 2017, explained to L’Equipe: “We have lost four years of Davis Cup. We should never have allowed this. Maybe they thought they were making a good decision, but quickly saw that it wasn’t working. The idea of having some kind of World Cup of tennis could not work. The crowd did not respond. It’s a total failure. It wasn’t even broadcast on the big channels in France.”

This year, even for a matter of time, things won’t change. The impression, however, is that the ITF is ready to listen to the players after what happened in the last few seasons. Talking about Zverev, we recall ATP has acquitted the German tennis player of the allegations of violence, brought by his former girlfriend, Olga Sharypova.

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