Alex de Minaur after loss to Novak Djokovic: Media creates controversy for headline


Alex de Minaur hit out at the media following his Australian Open match against Novak Djokovic as he is blaming the media for “taking things out of context for a headline.”

After suffering a 6-2 6-1 6-2 loss to Djokovic, de Minaur said this when asked about Djokovic’s hamstring injury: “I don’t know. You tell me how you thought he looked out there. Either I’m not a good enough tennis player to expose that, or it looked good to me.”

That led to some headlines claiming that de Minaur was suggesting that Djokovic faked an injury.

“I hate how media will always create controversy and takes things out of context to make a headline. Got outplayed and outclassed yesterday. How about we focus on the tennis for once. I will get back to work and improve you can count on that. Thank you Australia,” de Minaur wrote on Twitter.

What did Djokovic say after beating de Minaur?

A year ago during the Djokovic Australia visa saga, de Minaur criticized Djokovic’s vaccine stance.

After crushing de Minaur at the Australian Open, Djokovic was asked why he beat the Australian so dominantly. 

“Because I wanted to,” Djokovic answered. 

Then in his post-match press conference, Djokovic said he respects de Minaur as a colleague but also noted that there is no relationship between them. 

“I respect him as a rival, a colleague, as I respect everyone. I have no problem contacting him, congratulating him, etc. But I don’t have any other relationship. I don’t have any communication with him. He showed in 2022 what he thinks about me,” Djokovic said after beating de Minaur. 

Meanwhile, 23-year-old de Minaur was playing against Djokovic for the first time.

Also, de Minaur was aiming to make his first Grand Slam quarterfinal at the Australian Open.

Unfortunately for de Minaur, he didn’t really stand much of a chance against Djokovic.

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