Alastair Cook issues an apology to Alex Carey over unpaid haircut claim after rebuttal from Steve Smith


Alex Carey and Alastair Cook

In a surprising turn of events during the third Ashes 2023 Test, veteran England cricketer Alastair Cook made a claim that Australian wicketkeeper-batter Alex Carey had received a haircut but failed to pay the barber. However, Cook’s claims were quickly debunked, leading him to issue an apology and attribute the incident to a case of mistaken identity. The incident sparked a lively debate, with Australia’s star player Steve Smith also weighing in and dismissing the allegations made by the former English skipper.

Alastair Cook made the eyebrow-raising accusation about Carey’s unpaid haircut while commentating on the BBC Test Match Special during the opening day of the third Ashes Test. Unsurprisingly, Cook’s claim attracted significant attention and scrutiny.

Australian cricket star Smith swiftly responded to the allegation and refuted it on the newly launched ‘Threads’ social media platform by writing, “I can confirm that Alex Carey has not had a haircut since we were in London. Get your facts right, The Sun.”

Cricket Australia (CA) also chimed in and supported Carey. They rubbished Cook’s allegations and stood behind their player, further raising doubt on the credibility of the claim. The governing body emphasized the importance of accurate reporting and urged media outlets to exercise responsibility when sharing such information.

After it became evident that his claims were false, Cook realized the error and promptly apologised. Recognizing that there had been a case of mistaken identity, Cook expressed regret for his earlier statements and apologized to Carey for any inconvenience caused. He acknowledged that the incident was a result of confusion and clarified that he did not intend to spread misinformation.

“There’s also been a bit of fuss around on a rainy day, a bit of news about a haircut which might have been discussed on the radio the other day. A case of mistaken identity, so I apologize for the mistaken identity to Alex Carey.” Cook stated in his apology.

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