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AEW Rampage: Grand Slam 2022 Results


Part 2 of the Grand Slam Week is here, and we’ve got a special TWO-HOUR Rampage tonight with EIGHT matches:

  • Matt Menard & Angelo Parker vs. Hook & Action Bronson
  • No Disqualification: Sting & Darby Allin vs. The House of Black
  • AEW TBS Title: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Diamante
  • Jungle Boy vs. Rey Fenix
  • Samoa Joe & Wardlow vs. Josh Woods & Tony Nese
  • Eddie Kingston vs. Sammy Guevara
  • Golden Ticket Battle Royal
  • Lights Out Match: Ricky Starks vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Make sure to keep refreshing the page as the most recent results are below!

AEW Rampage: Grand Slam

Coming to you taped from the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, NY! Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, and Chris Jericho are on commentary tonight. Let’s get right to the action!

Match #1. No Disqualification: House of Black vs. Sting & Darby Allin

Sting and Darby attempt the House of Black during their entrance and we’re off! All four men plus Julia Hart are brawling all over the place as we make our way to the ring. Sting and Matthews are on the outside as Black is beating down Darby inside the ring. King chops Darby off the top rope to the floor. King chops Allin off the top rope to the outside. Sting inside is trying to fight off both House of Black members but King takes aim with a lariat and misses, nailing Matthews. Avalanche Code Red to King by Darby! One, two, no! Darby takes aim at Mathews on the outside with a suicide dive but Matthews catches him with a rising knee! Sting and Matthews on the apron now with a table at ringside. Sting fights Matthews off and lays him on the table but King throws Sting off the top front from behind and Sting goes crashing through both tables! Julia Hart is in the ring and she’s got a pair of handcuffs. Hart handcuffs Sting’s hands behind his back as we head to PIP. Darby is all alone now with both members of the House of Black and being dragged up the ramp. House of Black is thinking Dante’s Inferno off the ramp but Darby fights out and climbs up the lighting fixture to deliver a Coffin Drop from about ten feet up to Matthews! King delivers a vicious elbow to Darby and chokes Darby off the ground. Both King and Darby take a tumble off the stage through a table! Sting is stirring in the ring as Matthews approaches him with the bat. Matthews seats Sting on a chair in the ring and takes aim… but Sting is laughing. The lights go out… it’s the Great Muta! WHAT! Muta hits the ring eventually and Matthews doesn’t know what to do. Matthews steps aside and lets Muta access… dragon screw leg whip to Matthews! POISON MIST BY MUTA! STING BREAKS THE CUFFS AND JULIA HART GOES CRASHING THROUGH THE TABLE. SCORPION DEATH DROP. 1, 2, 3!

Winners: Sting & Darby Allin

Rating: ***. For the match, that is. Eleven hundred and nine for the moment, as seeing Great Muta and Sting in the ring together in 2022 is the wildest fever dream moment in AEW yet. King and Darby canceled each other out and this was all about the Stinger and the Great Muta.

Post-match, Sting and the Great Muta face off in the center of the ring and shake hands.

Match #2. Matt Menard & Angelo Parker vs. Hook & Action Bronson

Bronson raps Hook’s theme song to the ring as Taz joins us on commentary. Parker boots Hook in the face but Hook responds with a hip toss and a gut-wrench suplex, called the El Camino. Menard is in now and Menard wants Bronson. Bronson lays everyone out with a shoulder block and an avalanche in the corner before tagging Hook. Arm trapped Northern Light’s Suplex by Hook who transitions into a bow and arrow. Parker makes the save here as the JAS take advantage. Back breaker and a big boot combo keeps Hook down for two. Snap suplex by Parker for two. Drop toe hold and a step-up elbow drop by JAS for another two as Bronson cheers on from the outside. Double clothesline by Hook and Menard as everyone is down. Parker in to make the save but Hook with a Northern Light’s suplex and a hot tag to to Bronson. FLUSHING QUEENS STAMPEDE to Parker. Menard makes the save. Double clothesline attempt by JAS but Bronson drops them both with another shoulder block. Tag to Hook. Fisherman’s suplex by Hook to Parker and the Redrum is locked in! Menard comes in to make the save but Bronson is here and locks in the Redrum as well! Both men get their hooks in! JAS taps!

Winners: Hook & Action Bronson

Rating: **1/2. It was quick and painless and the crowd loved everything about it. Bronson didn’t overstay his welcome, didn’t embarrass himself, and got the finish down perfect so there’s not much more you can say. Entertaining match all around and the Arthur Ashe crowd has been doing their job and then some.

Match #3. Warlow & Samoa Joe vs. Josh Woods & Tony Nese

WarJoe storms the ring looking to make quick work of Nese and Woods. By the way, three tag team matches in a row? German suplex by Woods to Wardlow, but that doesn’t last long as Wardlow responds with two belly to belly suplexes. Spine buster by Wardlow. Clothesline over the top as both men hit the floor. Samoa Joe and Nese are in now and Nese looks for the Muta moonsault as Joe casually walks way. Joe responds with some heavy chops but Nese drapes Joe neck first of the top rope. Uranage out of the corner. Muscle Buster by Joe. Finito.

Winners: WarJoe

Rating: *1/2. This was even quicker. Squash city here.

Josh Woods attacks Joe after the match but Wardlow is here to make the save as my wifi goes out so I’m going to assume Woods got powerbombed several times. My wifi comes back as Smart Mark Sterling gets powerbombed and the crowd couldn’t be any happier. A second. Make that three.

Match #4. Rey Fenix vs Jungle Boy

Quick back and forth to start that ends with Jungle Boy hitting a drop kick. Double jump drop down arm drag by Fenix. Jungle Boy looks heated and responds with some stiff elbows. Rebound spinning hook kick by Fenix followed by a baseball slide to send Jungle Boy to the outside. Fenix focusing the attack on Jungle Boy’s injured back as he tosses him into the apron a bunch then rolls him in the ring. Double arm bar by Fenix but Jungle Boy turns it into an arm drag. Fenix trips up Jungle Boy and drags him outside before continuing the attack as we go to a full commercial break. Both men are trading palm strikes to the chest but Jungle Boy eventually drops Fenix. Flying forearms and a back elbow by Jungle Boy and a rebound lariat! Sheer drop brainbuster by Jungle Boy gets two! Rebound hook kick by Fenix misses but Jungle Boy drills him with a superkick. Jungle Boy hits the ropes but Fenix hits the rolling thunder cutter and both men are down. Tiger Bomb attempt by Fenix but Jungle Boy counters into a hurricanrana for two. Fenix tries the rebound again but Jungle Boy dropkicks him in the ropes. Both men are on the apron as Fenix pulls Jungle Boy down arm-first. Running soccer kick by Fenix as he then launches himself off the apron, only to be caught by a midair superkick from Jungle Boy. Back inside the ring as both guys are trading strikes from their knees. Like, a lot of strikes. Throughout the entire picture-in-picture. Both men then shake hands in the center and now to nose to nose before trading elbows. Fenix drops first but gets up fast and we’re back to strike fest 2022. Kicking combination by Fenix followed by a dominator into a double knee facebuster. Gory Cutter by Fenix! One, two, no! Corkscrew kick by Fenix and he heads to the ramp. Double jump step up escalara into a cover for 2.999! Jungle Boy catches Fenix on the top rope with a twisting Sunset Bomb for two! Elbow to the back of the head by Jungle Boy gets another long two. Fenix blocks a lariat with a super kick before channeling Eddie Guerrero and the Three Amigos. Jungle Boy blocks the third suplex and turns it into a Cradle Shock for another 2.9999! Jungle Boy heads up top but Fenix sweeps the leg and Jungle Boy hits the deck. Fenix up top with a huge frog splash! Two count. Double jump spinning back kick to Jungle Boy and Fenix is looking for the Black Fire Driver… but Jungle Boy cradles him for the three count!

Winner: Jungle Boy

Rating: ****1/4. Two guys that I can’t remember having a bad match, putting on a great match. Jungle Boy has definitely grown as a singles performer and Fenix is one of the best right now, especially if you enjoy that style. Jungle Boy is one of the homegrown talents that seem to be on his way to the moon. Possibly a few too many two counts here as I feel like this match could have ended about five times, especially since this was kind of a cold match with no real back story. That being said, the action was great and both men showed why they’re held in such high regard.

Both men share a nice moment in the center of the ring after the match… but Christian’s music hits! Luchasaurus is right behind Jungle Boy and he levels him with a headbutt. Sit out Burning Hammer by Luchasaurus as Christian grabs the mic. New Yorkers needs to sit down and do nothing like the bitches they are, while Christian conducts his business. Christian says this is Jungle Boy’s final warning. Christian wants Luchasaurus to end Jungle Boy for good. Choke slam by Luchasaurus.

Match #5. Sammy Guevara w/ Tay Melo vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston is the King of New York. Guevara takes the mic and says Kingston is a fat piece of shit. Kingston responds by gouging the eyes out and throwing Guevara to the outside. Kingston tosses Guevara into anything and everything at ringside. On the apron now, Kingston is looking for a piledriver but Guevara back body drops him from the apron to the floor and that was an awfully hard landing. Guevara kisses Tay and tells the referee to count Kingston out, because he just wants the win. Kingston is hurt and tries to fight back but Guevara is on the attack with shoulders in the stomach and a pump kick. Eddie making Guevara work for everything here and responds with some paintbrushes to the face. Snap suplex by Guevara, who heads up top looking for the 450, but Eddie moves. Clotheslines by Eddie as Tay tries to trip him up at ringside. Eddie gets distracted and Guevara hits a running knee to the face. Enziguiri by Guevara to Kingston followed by the double jump cutter! One, two, no! HUGE lariat by Eddie gets two. Machine gun chops in the corner by Eddie! Guevara tries the double jump cutter again but Eddie catches him… Backdrop Driver! Spinning back fist attempt by Eddie but Guevara with a super kick. Half and half suplex by Eddie! Spinning back fist! Another one! Thrid spinning back fist! Eddie slaps an unconscious Guevara before locking in the Stretch Plum! Sammy taps!

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Rating: ***1/2. Fun match and absolutely a clash of styles. You could tell both men understood how important it was to make it feel like a fight, and they delivered. Kingston makes everything look like a struggle, which makes you believe it. Kingston getting the win was the right move.

Eddie isn’t letting go of the Stretch Plum as he’s trying to rip the head off of Sammy. Jerry Lynn is here and the rest of the coaches are hitting the ring to try to save Sammy’s life. Paul Turner has overrode the decision… Sammy is your winner! Kingston is living and destroys all the security guards.

Match #6. AEW TBS Title: Jade (c) vs. Diamante

Diamante starts hot and heavy with a dropkick in the corner. Jade looks for a powerbomb but Diamante escapes out the back door and looks for a sunset flip that gets two. Jade to the outside as Diamante attempts a crossbody block, but Jade catches her, stumbles a bit, and throws her into the ring. Jaded. Finito. 38-0.

Winner and STILL TBS Champion: Jade

Rating: NR. Squash city again.

Match #7: Golden Ticket Battle Royal

Hangman Page is the first man out but is jumped by Rush, Butcher, Blade and Andrade. The Dark Order then make the save as we head to picture-in-picture. By the way, Paul Wight is back on commentary as we go to a full commercial and there’s been nothing mentioned about who’s actually in this match so we’re just rolling with it. Back from break and there’s like thirty people in this ring so… I have no idea what’s going on here. I’ll do my best. Trust Buster’s Ari Davari is eliminated. Danhausen curses Cole Karter who gets eliminated by Best Friends. Danhausen curses QT then double legs him and ground and pounds. QT gets eliminated by Hangman and Danhausen. Brian Cage is here apparently. Best Friends eliminate Jake Hager. Cage eliminates Chuck Taylor. Dalton Castle is eliminated by Cage but The Boys save him… momentarily. Castle eliminates Cage. Archer clotheslines Trent. Castle is gone. Moriarty and Garcia are gone. Butcher and Blade turn on Private Party but Matt Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on the blade and tosses him out. Hardy and Private Party hug it out but Rush and company eliminate all three. Evil Uno is gone thanks to AFO. Butcher hits the deck while Johnny Hungie poses. Rush tosses John Silver. Penta sends Archer to the apron and sends him packing. Penta tosses Lethal to the outside but Satnam Singh catches him. Hangman throws him out again, this time to the other side. Rush and Hangman are left. Hangman rolls out of a German suplex and drops Rush with a discus elbow. Hurricanrana by Page and both men are on the apron exchanging chops. Deadeye by Hangman on the apron and Rush hits the deck. Hangman wins and gets a world title shot!

Winner: Jon Moxley

Rating: NR. This was a total mess, and if AEW doesn’t seem to care enough to at least introduce us to the wrestlers taking part in the match, that’s not a good sign. If a world heavyweight title opportunity is on the line, the match should mean more… period.

Match #8: Lights Out Match: Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ricky Starks

Thanks to the WORST INTERNET PROVIDER EVER (aka Optimum), we are joining this in progress. There’s plunder everywhere and Hobbs just tossed Starks through a table on the outside of the ring. Hobbs is setting a table up in the corner Hobbs then takes the belt off of Justin Roberts and starts whipping Starks. Starks fights back and takes the belt and chases Hobbs around ringside with receipts. Back in the ring now as Hobbs hits a sit-out spinebuster for a two count. Hobbs wedges a chair between the middle and top rope, grabs another chair, beats Starks with it, and then wedges another chair across the ring. Hobbs with an Oklahoma Stampede into one chair, but Starks wiggles out the back and throws Hobbs head-first into the chair and ring post on the other end. Step up high angle tornado DDT by Starks gets a very close two count. Starks grabs a chair and looks to get some payback, but Hobbs hits him with a low blow and then sets up some chairs in the center of the ring. Hobbs looks for the Sky High through the chairs but Starks hits him with a low blow! Starks moves the chairs back-to-back and this doesn’t look good. Starks looks for the RoShamBo but Hobbs back body drops Starks on the backs of both chairs! BRUTAL looking! Starks barely crawls away but makes his way up the ramp. Hobbs is stalking Starks all the way up the ramp. Starks fires back with some elbows and misses a spear! Starks goes headfirst into a light fixture and Hobbs just ripped some lights fixtures off the wall. Starks makes his way to the ring as Hobbs takes a baseball swing with the fixture and misses as Starks comes back with the spear through the table! Starks has the light apparatus and CRACKS IT OVER HOBBS HEAD. ROSHAMBO! ONE, TWO, THREE.

Winner: Ricky Starks

Rating: ***1/2. I caught the last ten minutes of this match, but man, it felt like the blowoff to a feud between two guys that really hated each other. Starks has a natural connection with the fans and Hobbs is truly a monster. All that being said, I’m not down with the 50/50 booking. Starks gets squashed on PPV in less than 3 minutes, then comes back to beat Hobbs in a war. Great for Starks, but I thought the squash was part of the “Hobbs is going to the moon” push.

Final Thoughts: It feels like tonight has been one continuous match, because tonight’s edition of Rampage did not give anyone or anything a chance to breathe. Eight matches in two hours, even if two were squashes, is just too match. Fans have to be able to digest and process things, and it’s simply impossible to do that when shows are booked like that. There was a lot of awesome tonight, especially The Great Muta’s appearance, Jungle Boy vs. Fenix, and the main event. There was also a lot of unforgettable, including Trina (?), a battle royal that seemingly nobody cared about, and Jade’s uneventful 38th victory. The crowd really enjoyed this show, and they deserve a lot of credit for being up for over four hours. It’s not that this show was bad by any means, but when it’s such a high-profile event, the expectation is clearly raised, and I don’t know if they got there tonight.  7/10.

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