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AEW Rampage 5/27/22 Results


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It’s the final AEW show before Double or Nothing on Sunday night, and we’ve got a live Rampage! Let’s see what’s on tap:

  • Bryan Danielson vs. Matt Sydal
  • The Young Bucks in action
  • Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Semi Final Match: Kris Statlander vs. Ruby Soho

Make sure to keep refreshing the page as the most recent results are below!

AEW Rampage 5/27/22

Once again LIVE from the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada! We have wrestlers in the ring already so let’s get to this

Match #1. Bryan Danielson vs. Matt Sydal

Regal no sells the knee injury on commentary to start. Knuckle lock followed by a headlock by Danielson. Kravat by Danielson followed by a knee drop. Reset here with another lockup, but Danielson gets a full nelson takedown followed by a back breaker. European uppercuts by Danielson drop Sydal. Danielson looking for the surfboard here but can’t get it, so he fishhooks Sydal instead. Danielson then rolls through IN a surfboard which I’ve never seen before, and then delivers some elbow strikes to the back of Sydal. Danielson hits the ropes as Sydal ducks and returns with a spinning leg lariat. Standing twisting moonsault by Sydal gets a two count. Danielson fires back with some more European uppercuts and then drapes Sydal over the top rope. Danielson delivers a King Kong Knee drop to the back of the head of Sydal! Two count. Snap mare by Sydal but Sydal flips out and lands a rising knee strike following by a spinning back kick to the teeth. Sydal tries another spinning leg lariat but Danielson catches him, but Sydal hits a hurricanrana out of it and gets a two count! Sydal delivers a few low leg kicks and then finishes with a question mark kick to the back of the head that gets a two count. Sydal up top but Danielson catches him. Sydal fights Danielson off and hits a Meteora from the top but Danielson rolls through and locks in a single leg crab! That impact on the Meteora was brutal but that looked awesome. Danielson then arches up and transitions to a heel hook! Sydal gets to the ropes. BRUTAL kicks by Danielson to the chest of Sydal. Headbutt by Danielson to Sydal in the corner. Danielson sits Sydal on the top rope and looks for an avalanche back suplex, but Sydal reverses into a sunset flip powerbomb off the top rope! One, two, no! Crowd is going bananas. Both men are trading strikes in the center of the ring. Sydal grabs a backslide for two and looks for the high knee again but Danielson ducks… Psycho Knee! Danielson traps the arm and looks for the Hammer and Anvil elbow strikes. One. Two. Three. Four. Danielson locks in a mounted guillotine and Sydal is out!

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Rating: ***1/2. Tremendously fun sprint here as Danielson looks strong going into the Anarch in the Arena match. This was Sydal’s best match in AEW by far, and it’s no surprise his dance partner was the best wrestler in the world, the American Dragon.

Match #2. The Young Bucks WITH GANGREL vs. Jon Cruz & Taylor Rust

The Bucks are dressed as the 2002 Hardy Boys. We’ve got Matt Facts on the way to the ring. Brandon Cutler has his thong hanging out and he’s dressed as Lita. This is tremendous. Manhattan drop by Nick Jackson to Cruz and a double leg drop. The Jeff Hardy move set here is top notch. Double team Hardy Boyz move in the corner. Matt Jackson is in and hits a body slam. Matt Jackson goes to the top rope, then climbs down to the second and hits an axe handle. Cruz tags to Rust who hits a dropkick to Nick and an axe kick on Matt. Rust gets his with a double super kick but he’s able to tag Cruz who eats a double super kick for his troubles. Twist of Fate by Matt and a swanton bomb by Nick. That’s all she wrote here.

Winner: The Young Bucks with Gangel and Brandon Cutler.

Rating: NR. This was just for fun and that’s exactly what it was.

The Bucks attack Gangrel after the match and look for the BTE Trigger but NO! The Hardy’s are here to make the save. Physicality ensues and Cutler saves the Bucks from eating a pair of Twist of Fate’s, but Gangel hits the Implant DDT! Twist of Fate by Matt and a swanton bomb by Jeff to poor Landon.

Darby Allin challenges Kyle O’Reilly at Double or Nothing! Darby isn’t happy Kyle attacked Sting, so he’s here to make him pay. If Kyle doesn’t accept, Darby will interfere in all of the Undisputed Elite’s matches.

Match #3. Dante Martin vs. Max Caster

Billy Gunn is wheeling Anthony Bowens to the ring in a wheelchair, and this is the best of a bad situation for Bowers. Martin takes out Caster with a cross body to the outside, but Billy throws him into the steps. That’s legal though, because the match hasn’t started. Aubrey Edwards just evicted the Ass Boys and Bowers as Caster kicks Martin’s leg out from under him during a springboard attempt. Caster with a hard back elbow and a dragon screw leg whip. Body slam by Caster and a figure four in the center of the ring. Martin reverses and Caster has to bail, but the damage on Martin’s leg has been done. Caster with the “we’re going to picture-in-picture shoulder lock.” Back from PIP and Caster with a snap suplex that gets him a two count. Back suplex by Caster who then goes up top and looks for the Mic Drop, but misses. Martin flips over Caster and hits a few elbow strikes followed by an enziguiri as Martin goes up top… cross body block! Two count. Dante to the apron and hits the triple jump moonsault for the three count.

Winner: Dante Martin

Rating: *3/4. This was certainly a match. The majority of this match was contested in the PIP followed by a commercial break, and then we came back and wrap it up quickly with a finish out of nowhere. It existed, but I would much rather have not had this match on the card, and give everything else a chance to breathe.

The Men of the Year and Dan Lambert are in the ring and Lambert runs down the AEW crowd. Lambert presents the new TNT Title to Sky, and it’s awesome looking. The red is gone and it’s no gold and purple on platinum, a la the LA Lakers. Oh great, Sammy and Tay Conti are at American Top Team with Frankie Kazarian. Sammy takes a pipe to the trophy case at American Top Team and steals Jorge Masvidal’s BMF title! Kazarian stole a belt, and so did Tay. Kazarian says they’ll be in Vegas on Sunday, Conti says to bring Paige. Sky then challenges Kazarian, Conti, and Sammy to a mixed trios match with Page, Sky, and VanZant.

Match #4. Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Semi Final: Roby Soho vs. Kris Statlander

Back and forth action to start as Ruby looks for a single leg on Statlander’s injured knee, but backs off. Ruby pulled her punch for a second time at Statlander was in the corner. Monkey flip by Kris and a tieres (sp?) by Soho. Statlander blocks an arm drag and delivers a big elbow to Ruby, who responds by kicking Statlander’s bad knee. Statlander responds with a HUGE lariat for a two count! Standing vertical suplex by Statlander as she holds Ruby up for about thirty seconds before dropping her. Two count. Chin lock by Statlanders as she transitions into a Cobra Clutch, but Ruby fights out. Statlanders catches a cross body from Ruby and hits a big body slam for a two count. Back suplex attempt by Statlander but Ruby shifts her weight in mid air and they come down together. Both women now trade elbows in the middle of the ring and the friendship is gone… for now, at least. Big headbutt by Ruby. Big powerslam by Statlander as she catches Ruby coming off the ropes. Running European uppercut in the corner by Statlanders as she puts Ruby in a fireman’s carry, and heads up to the second rope. Ruby fights out and hits a hurricanrana off the second rope! Ruby looks for another one in the ring but Statlander holds on and hits a big powerbomb for a two count! Statlander rushes to the corner but Ruby moves and Statlander hits her bad shoulder. Statlander rebounds and looks for the military press but her should gives out, and Ruby hits the No Future but Statlander falls out of the ring! Ruby follows Statlander out and hits a hurricanrana off the apron! Ruby rolls Statlander in the ring and heads up to the top, but Statlander catches her. Ruby reverses and hits a jumping single arm DDT from the top! Ruby with a kimura on the bad shoulder but Statlander gets to the rope. Statlander has Ruby in an electric chair and drops her face first on the top turnbuckle. German suplex by Statlander followed by the Ki Crusher gets a long two count! Crowd is going nuts here. Short arm clothesline by Statlander. Statlander looks for the Spider Crab here but Ruby gets a leg free and kicks at Statlander’s bad shoulder! Ruby kicks Statlander’s knee out and cradles the bad arm AND shoulder for the three!

Winner: Ruby Soho

Rating: ***3/4. What a match! Great story, the crowd loved it, and I think Kris Statlander is right on the cusp of becoming something special. Can’t help but think we’ll be getting a heel Ruby going forward, and that’s fine with me.

Tony Schiavone is here but Dr. Britt Baker (in a Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow shirt) interrupts. Crowd is HOT at Ruby for the perceived cheap tactics she used to beat Statlander. JUST WIN, BABY. Ruby acknowledges the crowd and says she is a friend of Kris Statlander, and if she’s willing to do that to Kris, she’ll do anything to Britt. Ruby is cashing in that receipt on Sunday.

Final Thoughts: Two incredibly fun matches in a sixty-minute show, you won’t hear me complaining. Danielson is probably the real “Best in the World” right now and brings everyone he’s in the ring with up to his level, and he did that with the veteran Sydal tonight. Ruby Soho vs. Britt Baker has all the makings of a classic encounter, especially with the possible double turn coming? The Bucks/Hardy cosplay was funny, but I don’t know how much to expect from that match. My complaint is the same every week, please Tony, drop it down to three matches! That being said, a very fun hour of pro wrestling. 7.75/10.

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