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AEW Dynamite Blood & Guts 2 Results


The Forbidden Door has been closed, at least for now, and we’re heading into Blood & Guts.

  • Orange Cassidy vs. Ethan Page
  • AEW TBS Title: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Leila Gray
  • Blood & Guts: The Jericho Appreciation Society (Matt Menard, Jake Hager, Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia, Angelo Parker, & Sammy Guevara) vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta), Eddie Kingston, Ortiz, & Santana

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AEW Blood & Guts 2 Results

We are live from the Little Caesar’s arena in Detroit, Michigan! This is the AEW debut in Detroit and the crowd is on FIRE! Let’s get right to work.

Match #1. Orange Cassidy vs. Ethan Page

Orange Cassidy has new music and it’s tremendous. Dan Lambert has forced the referee to send Best Friends to the back. OC does OC stuff to start and the crowd is going bananas. OC tries to body slam Page but he can’t get him up. OC counters a hip toss to an arm drag and hits a tope suicida to the outside. Diving cross body back in the ring gets a one count. Shoulder block by Page drops OC. Stalling vertical suplex by Page followed by a big boot. Lambert mockingly kicks OC on the outside as we head to PIP. Page focuses his attack on OC’s arm before landing a right high kick. Brain buster by Page gets two! Page looks for Ego’s Edge but OC blocks it with his hands in his pockets. Attempt number 2 and OC hurricanranas out. OC goes up top but Lambert is here to crotch him. Page grabs OC off the top and hits a powerslam for a two count. Stun Dog Millionaire! Tiltawhirl DDT by OC! One, two, no! Lambert is up on the apron and OC steals a bottle of OJ from him. Orange Punch to Ego! Orange juice mist to Lambert! Orange Punch number 2! Body slam! One, two, three!

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Rating: **1/2. Absolutely fine little match here. Page looked like the big heavyweight and OC got a good come from behind win to get him back on the winning track.

Christian is here with Tony Schiavone. Christian says he has to apologize, and he’s sorry that not everyone in Jungle Boy’s family is dead. Stiff. Christan just dropped the term “Motor City Sweathogs” and that’s enough for me to give this show a 10/10. Christian had requested a match tonight, but he’s here in street clothes. The match was not for him, however.


Match #2. Luchasaurus vs. Serpentico

Wheelbarrow suplex by Dino Crisis and a tombstone facebuster are enough to finish this one. Welp, I take that back. Dino locks in the Snare Trap and adds a nerve hold to it.

Winner: Luchasaurus

Rating: NR. Just a squash, but it’s a fun twist of the story.

Post-match, Luchasaurus with a huge chokeslam on the floor. Brutal.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Wardlow and Scorpio Sky. Sky ain’t no security guard but Sky has pinnd Wardlow before. Wardlow is done talking. Bring every member of American Top Team. When Wardlow is done with them, he’ll beat Sky’s ass and take that title.

Match #3. Acclaimed & The Ass Boys vs. Danhausen & ???

Danhausen announces he’s found a team that are pretty good at the wrestles… FTR! Austin and Cash to start. Austin eats a back body drop and an atomic drop. Dax in now with a suplex and tag to Danhausen. Austin corners Danhausen and in comes Colten. Colten tosses Danhausen into the buckle and beats on him in the corner. Hurricanrana off the second rope by Danhausen and he’s hip tossing everyone until Colten destroys him with a clothesline. Classic PIP chin lock city spot. Ass Boys and Caster are taking turns with quick tags pounding on Danhausen. Axe handle off the top by Caster. Danhausen with a reverse Northern Light’s suplex to Caster and a tag to Dax. Dax lights up Austin and now Cash is in too. Stereo German suplexes on the Ass Boys. Two. Three! Dax keeps it going he’s now at six German’s on Austin. Cash with a plancha over the top to take out Colten. Austin reverses a hip toss into a version of the Quickdraw but it didn’t look good. Danhausen is in now, pump kick to Austin! Danhausen looks for the GTS but Bowens is in the ring, he can walk! Bowens takes out Austin by accident! Danhausen dives for the cover and gets the three!

Winners: Danhausen & FTR

Rating: **1/2. This was another fine, fun, mostly comedy match and I think that’s a good idea before Blood & Guts.

Afterward, Billy Gunn seems to side with The Acclaimed as the Gunn Club leave them all in the middle of the ring.

The Royal Rampage will happen on Friday! 20 man over the top rope battle royal, with the winner getting the next shot at Jon Moxley.

Match #4. TBS Title: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Leila Gray

If I was a betting man here I would uh… not be betting on Gray. Clinch and knees by Jade. Fireman’s carry slam (kinda) by Jade as she catches Gray with a fallaway slam. Facebuster attempt by Gray but Jade just tosses her. Pump kick to the face by Jade. Jaded. /fin

Winner and STILL TBS Champion: Jade Cargill

Rating: NR. Squash.

Jade is tired of all these fans and women in the back bitching and moaning. Give her some real competition. Big Stoke says last night at 11:49pm Jade offered up an open challenge and some girl that doesn’t even work here accepted the challenge. Stokely says Athena and Statlander aren’t overlooked, they’re just lazy.

Here come Athena and Statlander. Hogan gets laid out as Athena goes up top, but Leila Gray tosses her off the top rope! Big Stoke is a genius. Jade disposes of the babyfaces before leaving.

The Young Bucks are here with the AEW World Tag Team Titles. Kyle, Bob, and Adam are all hurt. The Bucks are lonely and have no friends. Goto & Yoshi-Hashi was a shot at the title? They got it, but they’ve got to beat the Bucks in a non-title match first.

We get a great video package preparing us for Blood & Guts. Ruby Soho tells us that Eddie trusts a few people, and they’re all in this match. Except Claudio.

Match #5. Blood & Guts 2: Jericho Appreciation Society vs. Blackpool Combat Club, Kingston, Santana, & Ortiz

The JAS are dressed like Devo. Eddie got a monster reaction as usual. Claudio’s music played and the arena came even more unglued. Now it’s time for Wild Thing. Crowd has legit come unglued with anticipation and it looks like Sammy and Claudio are starting this one.

Here. We. Go.

Both men meet in the middle but Claudio just throws Sammy around like a sack of potatoes. Series of running European uppercuts but Claudio. Sammy tries to escape but Claudio follows him and crotches him on the top rope. Sammy with a back elbow and triple jump escape to the other ring as Sammy tries to buy time until the next man gets in the ring. JAS has the advantage; in case you’ve forgotten. Pop-up European uppercut attempt by Claudio but Sammy counters into a cutter! Claudio looks for the swing however, but Garcia is the first man in and he puts a stop to that. Garcia and Sammy put the boots to Claudio all during the commercials. Next man up…

It’s Yuta! Yuta delivers about a dozen German suplexes to Garcia and Sammy and now the BCC are firmly in control. Claudio strangles Garcia with his bandana and biels him across the ring.

Jake Hager is in now and the JAS have the 3 on 2 advantage. Hager catches Yuta coming off the top and hits a mat return. Claudio and Hager are alone. WE, THE PEOPLE. The one on one is short lived as Garcia now pounds on Claudio in the corner. Wheeler takes out Sammy and Garcia with a dropkick. Double leg by Hager on Claudio.

Moxley is in next and he’s got a chair! Moxley launches a chair to Hager’s face and hits an x-plex on Sammy. Cross face by Moxley to Garcia. Bulldog by Claudio on Hager on top of a chair. Moxley is raking Garcia’s face across the steel. Drop toe hold by Yuta on to Sammy on to an unfolded chair. Moxley is forking Garcia in the face. Garcia is busted wide open as Yuta and Moxley take advantage and hit him with the Hart Attack. Diving headbutt to Sammy by Yuta from the top. Hammer and Anvil elbows by the good guys to the bad guys.

Angelo Parker is in next but with the entire BCC standing tall… he doesn’t want to enter the ring. Parker sneaks into the opposite ring and now it’s a cat and mouse game. Cesaro finally catches him into a gut wrench and launches him. Michinoku Driver by Yuta. European uppercut by Claudio. By Yuta. By Moxley. Parker is getting pinballed. Moxley is doing burpees lol. Hager gets the upper hand on Claudio and cracks him with a chair on the ankle.

Ortiz is in next! Dead Presidents style as he’s dishing clotheslines out for everyone. Big lariat to Sammy as we head to another PIP. Claudio is using Garcia as a weapon as he launches him into Hager. Moxley finds a bag of goodies, are those thumbtacks? No, those are shards of glass. Piledriver by Moxley to Parker on the glass! Menard is busted open now too as he gets pounded on by Yuta. JAS team up to dump Moxley into the cage headfirst.

“Daddy Magic” is in, and he’s got a chair. Menard planting everyone and now chokes Moxley. Double DDT by Parker and Menard to Ortiz. Moxley is bleeding. Garcia is bleeding. Parker is bleeding. Yuta has the chair now and he’s laying into Garcia.

Santana is in now and he’s got a table and a barbed wire baseball so this is going to get messy. Santana lights up Menard with chops and a picture-perfect Saito suplex. Parker throws Yuta headfirst into the camera. Menard is choking Santana but Moxley has skewers! GC DUB. GC DUB. GC DUB. Menard is now bleeding quite heavily. Yuta and Garcia are trading heavy palm strikes in between the rings.

Here comes Jericho! Jericho has Floyd and he lays into Claudio. Ortiz ducks a Floyd shot and he’s laying into Jericho with some chair shots. Sammy from the top with a flying cutter out of nowhere to Ortiz! Santana from behind plants Sammy with a German suplex. Hager plants Menard with a double leg. Castagnoli sends Garcia to the moon with a pop-up European uppercut. Jericho hits the Code Breaker out of nowhere

Eddie Kingston is in, the bell has rung! Submission or surrender and that’s it. The JAS are getting in between Eddie and Jericho but Eddie destroys them with a Singapore cane. Jericho is cornered as Eddie lays into him with the cane! Eddie has rubbing alcohol! Hager drops Eddie from out of nowhere. Ortiz has a chair and he’s laying into everyone! Tay Conti is passing Jericho something through the cage here. There’s now a table in one of the rings. Eddie plants a chair in Hager’s face. Kingston and Ortiz powerbomb Hager through a table that’s set up between the rings. Big boot by Claudio to Sammy. Eddie grates Menard’s face on the cage whilst fish hooking him. The classics, baby. Yuta and Moxley dump out some bags in the ring, and I believe it’s tacks this time. Claudio is ripping up the canvas to expose the bare boards. X-Plex by Moxley to Menard on the tacks! This is too damn hard to follow… and now we’re heading to PIP.

Jericho has Floyd and Kingston is sitting in the tacks. Kingston fights back and looks for a DDT on the tacks but Jericho low blows him and hits a DDT of his own. Jericho is dragging Moxley through the tacks and now locks him in the Walls of Jericho IN THE TACKS. Crowd chants for Eddie. Eddie grabs a handful of tacks and throws them in Jericho’s face! There is blood all over the camera. Jericho and Eddie now square off in the center of the ring that has the exposed boards. Jericho blasts Eddie in the face with a fire extinguisher as Tay Conti steals the keys from the referee! Here’s Ruby Soho as the crowd goes nuts! Ruby and Conti fight to the back as Jericho is climbing up the cage? Uh oh. Eddie is following. Jericho and Kingston are on top of the Blood & Guts structure, and this is a damn cool visual. Eddie drops Jericho with the spinning back fist and here comes Sammy up to the top to join them. Eddie is actively trying to throw Jericho off the cage but Sammy makes the save.

Side note, I’d like to make it known the crowd has been on their feet and absolutely mad for the last 50 minutes. Back to the action.

Kingston low blows Sammy on top of the cage before flipping him off. Kingston tosses Sammy off the cage through the timekeeper’s table! Jericho and Kingston are now face to face and exchanging elbows as we go into a real legit commercial break. Back from break as Jericho double legs Eddie and locks in the Walls of Jericho on the top of the cage! Claudio is climbing up the cage! Big boot by Claudio to Jericho, effectively making the save for Eddie! Claudio wants the big swing! He’s got it! This is terrifying. Menard has now made his way up to the top as well and made the save for Jericho. Kingston has locked Jericho in the Stretch Plum as Claudio locks Menard in the Sharpshooter! Menard taps!

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club, Eddie Kingston, Santana, & Ortiz

Rating: ****1/4. As advertised, this was a bloody, no holds barred, brutal, war between two groups of people that hate each other. AEW does a great job intertwining storylines in matches like this and the Casino Battle Royale, and it showed tonight. I don’t love the last 1/4 of the match essentially being a singles match on top of the cage, but it was still an absolute blast.

Kingston is frustrated that he didn’t make Jericho tap, as he looks upset at Claudio. Claudio offers his hand to Kingston who says he can’t get up. The rest of the good guys make their way to the top of the cage and celebrate together, except for Kingston who’s still sitting. Claudio is holping Eddie to his feet! Kingston then gives the nod of approval to Claudio and with all of the talent on the top of this cage, the crowd is chanting for Eddie. You love to see it.

Final Thoughts: In essence, this was a one match show. You’re tuning in for Blood & Guts and anything else you get is gravy. Orange Cassidy got some much-needed momentum back, Jade needs a legit challenger, Christian now has a heater in Luchasaurus, and the Bucks have no friends left. Then we have Blood & Guts, which was indeed a spectacle. I’m interested to see where AEW goes now, as it seems like the JAS vs. BCC feud is buttoned up now. There’s plenty of meat on the bone with the Claudio/Kingston/Moxley angle, but I would love to see some new blood on Dynamite, like the House of Black, for example. 7.5/10.

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