Adam Cole Talks The AEW Video Game, Learning From Chris Jericho and CM Punk


AEW superstar Adam Cole recently spoke with TalkSport to hype this Sunday’s Revolution pay-per-view, where Cole will be challenging Hangman Adam Page for the AEW world title in the show’s main event.

During the interview he spoke about the upcoming AEW video game, and how much he has learned from Chris Jericho and CM Punk. Highlights are below.

On the AEW video game:

“I absolutely would love to be actively more involved in anything video game related, especially in AEW. I wish I had some more info and details for ya, but all I can say is I am fully confident that this game is going to shape up to be one of the best wrestling games of the past decade. I am fully, fully confident in what they’re envisioning, what they’re going for. Again, video games is something that a lot of people, myself and Kenny [Omega] included, are very, very passionate about. Again, I don’t have any details but I do know the game is going to be freaking awesome. I’m very confident in that.”

Talks meeting CM Punk and Chris Jericho, and how they’ve already taught him so much:

“I have gotten to talk to them about different things and pick their brain, or they have offered me advice and input [on their own accord]. Both of those guys [Chris Jericho and CM Punk, and really all of the veterans who have been around the block in the pro wrestling world, have gotten the chance to really help some of the younger AEW talent and that’s me included. I’ve always been a guy that constantly wants to progress, move forward and get better so I am by no means someone who doesn’t want to hear advice or input. I am open ears for those guys anytime they have anything to say. So it’s been cool to build a little more for a closer relationship with all of them working in the same company. Jericho influenced me so much, even more than he realises. I’ve gotten to tell him how much he has, but I remember reading his first book and going ‘I’ve got to travel the globe. That really made me be like I need to take all bookings I can get in Europe, Mexico, Japan etc – that inspired a lot of young wrestlers. And CM Punk, he is top three or four most influential professional wrestlers to me. As far how I think about wrestling, what I want to focus on and what I want to get good at.”

On getting to face Jericho and Punk, as well as Danielson in AEW:

“As far as thinking about having matches with them goes, of course! Bryan Danielson, I look at him and say I want to have another match aside from the one we had on SmackDown. I think that opportunity some day will come, so to get to do Adam Cole vs Bryan Danielson in AEW would be really cool. [Jon] Moxley is another one who I only ever wrestled one time in an eight-man tag match for CZW, like a smaller show we did. So I’d love to get in there with him at some point. I never thought in million years that there would even be a possibility of Adam Cole versus CM Punk and now that is a very real possibility and I hope it happens some day. I hope all of them happen some day! And I think it’s very possible.”

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