Adam Cole Says Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish Earned Their Spots In AEW, Talks Working With Tony Khan


AEW superstar Adam Cole recently spoke with TalkSport to hype this Sunday’s Revolution pay-per-view, where Cole will be challenging Hangman Adam Page for the AEW world title in the show’s main event.

Talks working for Tony Khan:

“The same thing everyone else is saying! Tony is such a wonderful human being. His love and passion for pro wrestling is contagious. He gets so excited and so fired up about everything related to AEW, he’s so zeroed in and focused on this promotion and making AEW the best it can be. This guy works all the time. He is constantly hustling an moving and probably should get more sleep, but he’s working. But he’s one of those guys who so driven, focused and motivated, but at the same time, an absolute joy of a person. Not just to work for, but just as an overall human being. The way he talks to people, the way he’s appreciative of certain things. I remember before I signed with AEW, I talked to Tony for four hours and 15 minutes on the phone. We talked for a very long time and it was such an amazing conversation. He could be talking about cheesecake and I’m like ‘I want some cheesecake, that sounds great! Oh my god!’ That’s a horrible analogy, but I mean it as a sincere compliment. He is such a positive and optimistic, motivated dude that it just makes you want to be that way too. I love Tony Khan, I love him to death.”

Says Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly got hired on their own in AEW:

“Here’s the thing: Selfishly and professionally, I would scream from the top of a mountain to say ‘hey, we need to sign Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly.’ But as far as them getting hired, I had nothing to do with that. Bobby Fish got hired because he’s Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly got hired because he’s Kyle O’Reilly. Of course, I was the first person in line to go ‘yes! They’re here! This is awesome! Let’s go! But I was by no means in anyone’s ear saying ‘listen, you can’t pass up on these guys, they’re really, really good’ – AEW knew right out of the gate how good they are. So again, very little involvement in quote-en-quote bringing them in to AEW, but the first person in line throwing my arms in the air saying ‘Yes, we got them!’ I’m so, so happy they’re here.”

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