A PSG player affected by this transfer window failure


It’s official since Wednesday morning, Hakim Ziyech will not join PSG. The Chelsea player who absolutely wanted to join the Parisian club will therefore not find his great friend Achraf Hakimi. The two players would however have exchanged a lot about this operation, which finally turned to failure. What undermined the Parisian locker room? .

A beautiful Moroccan duo was about to form within PSG. hakim ziyech and Ashraf Hakimi know each other well and like each other. In addition, the two players move in the same right lane on the field. Enough to make them compatible, but for not much since Ziyech therefore remain on the side of chelsea. And following this failure on the transfer window, a source close to the group of PSG evoked the feeling ofAshraf Hakimi when the transfer is canceled at the last minute.

Hakimi is stunned

For the newspaper The Parisiana contact at PSG explained about the miss Ziyech : “We didn’t understand anything. Hakimi would have liked to see him arrive. They exchanged messages until late to understand the situation. They were still talking this morning (Wednesday). The appointment may be made for later ».

“An absolute mess”

Obviously, on the side ofhakim ziyech, it is not joy either. The Moroccan wanted at all costs to join the club of the capital. A last-minute failure mentioned in PSG. “It was an absolute mess. That’s not how you do business or treat a player. Ziyech is incandescent”says a source.

A PSG player affected by this transfer window failure 24hfootnews.

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