A player is accused of rape, PSG will make a big decision


Indicted for rape last Friday, Achraf Hakimi did not participate in PSG’s victory against FC Nantes on Saturday night (4-2). Slightly injured, Christophe Galtier decided to rest him, all the more so in this complicated context for the player. The question of his presence next Wednesday against Bayern Munich may also arise, but according to Pascal Dupraz, the Moroccan international will be present if he is fit to play.

Ashraf Hakimi has been in turmoil for the past few days. On Friday, the Moroccan international was indicted for rape. If he is prohibited from coming into contact with the alleged victim, the 24-year-old side is not prohibited from leaving the territory and could therefore go to Munich on Wednesday, for the round of 16 second leg of Champions League of PSG. But given the current context and the facts of which it is accused, should the capital club summon Ashraf Hakimiif he is physically and mentally fit to play?

“An injustice not to be selected”

A question that tried to answer Pascal Dupraz In The Big Mouths of Sport on RMC. ” To pick up on what David Douillet said (another consultant on the show, editor’s note), I’m surprised on the part of the immense champion that David is to consider that a top-level athlete, and Hakimi is one of them. one, is not endowed with an ironclad mind. I think that Hakimi, all the more so if he is not guilty of the facts with which he is charged, would experience it as an injustice not to be selected if he is fit for the match which will condition the end of the Paris Saint-Germain season “, did he declare.

“It’s a safe bet that Galtier will align it”

If Hakimi is fit, it’s a safe bet that Galtier will field him, especially since he is unanimous “, added Pascal Duprazwhich validated the decision of the PSG to publicly support Ashraf Hakimi : “ I think, above all, that Paris Saint-Germain have adopted the right posture. Because today Hakimi is certainly indicted but Hakimi has only been given one restriction: that of not meeting the complainant, so he has the right to practice his profession. Paris Saint-Germain could not help but support him. »

A player is accused of rape, PSG will make a big decision 24hfootnews.

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