a Madrid journalist insults Mbappé


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On the side of Madrid, the tendency is rather to oblivion and forgiveness. Even if last summer’s soap opera was poorly digested, most Madrid fans and journalists still hope to welcome Kylian Mbappé to their club in the years to come. But not all. Juanma Rodriguez, a well-known journalist thanks to her notable appearances on the show El Chiringuito de Jugonesfor example, was very hard.

“If a crook like Mbappé cheats on you, it’s the other person’s fault. But if you fall into the trap twice, it’s your fault. A little service information: don’t be fooled by a love scammer because the only thing he wants is your money and not your heart »he wrote in Libertad Digital, with a comparison with romantic relationships. Severe ?

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a Madrid journalist insults Mbappé 24hfootnews.

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