A Ligue 1 player loses his lead


A Ligue 1 player completely let go to express his anger after another poor performance by his team this Sunday.

The red zone is approaching for Montpellier. Although the Hérault club is still in fifteenth place in the standings, its trajectory has been particularly worrying in recent weeks. Worse, the MHSC seems to be bogged down in the bottom of the rankings for a year. And his performances challenge just as much as his results.

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This Sunday, on the lawn of Strasbourg, Montpellier was unable to worry the Alsatian club, which had nevertheless evolved in numerical inferiority – at ten – for almost an hour. Worse, the Montpellier came back without a single point by conceding a dry and final loss following a double from Diallo in the first period (0-2). A scenario that begins to become repetitive. Maxime Estève did not hide his anger.

“I break my c…. »

“We were zero, thundered the Montpellier defender on Prime Video. Anyway, we’ve been zero for some time. Me it does not surprise me, anyway at some point we do not manage to create chances, we could have played 6h30 that we would not have created a goal. You have to get your fingers out of the c…. Me it breaks my c … to play every weekend and that we are in difficulty like that “.

” It is complicated. The solution ? I don’t know, continued Estève. We were one more for 50 minutes, nothing works. We don’t do the right things. You have to question yourself, but the questioning has been done for a year and a half, but it doesn’t work, you have to say things. We are back where we are now and we have everything we deserve. »

A Ligue 1 player loses his lead 24hfootnews.

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