A former member of the club requests the exclusion of disruptive elements


A former PSG player advised Christophe Galtier to do without players who disrupt the smooth running of the team.

Before its match this Saturday against Nice, PSG remains on two straight losses in the league. Since the elimination conceded in the Champions League, nothing is going well within this team. A drop in diet which Christophe Galtier could pay the price. If he does not revive his team in the next matches, the coach will jump from his post.

“In place of Galtier, I will make strong choices”

How could Galtier go about reversing the bad dynamic? A former club player suggested that he decide on the spot by excluding players who are not concerned by the collective cause.

In an interview with Le Parisien, Grégory Paisley said that we must stop with freebies and punish those who step out of line. “The season is already weighed down so I don’t see 36 solutions: the spring to activate is just psychological. The only escape is to federate the players to get this title. I would go for players who have the mentality and the attitude. I would make strong choices. Those who do not adhere to the common goal should be excluded, regardless of their status,” did he declare.

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This season, Paris has already performed with a team composed mainly of young people. It was against Monaco and it did not smile too much on him (1-3). Despite this, Paisley thinks it’s the only way to bring rigor back to the group. “If I have to line up Zaire-Emery permanently, because I feel the desire in this kid, I would do it. I would have a give-and-take speech with the players. I would titillate their pride and place them face to face with their responsibilities by throwing reality in their face. I would say to them: If you want to still be able to look at yourself in a mirror and not be guilty of professional misconduct, take advantage of the nine games to come to offer the club the 11th championship in its history. You might as well leave with your ideas and have no regrets. »

A former member of the club requests the exclusion of disruptive elements 24hfootnews.

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