A country wants to seal the PSG, Qatar will enrage


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While the contracts of Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi come to an end next June, PSG would like to keep their two stars while lowering their salaries. Efforts that the former players of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona do not seem ready to make. It must be said that at the same time, Saudi Arabia offers them a real golden bridge.

In the coming weeks, the PSG will have to manage two thorny cases in its workforce. In fact, the contracts Lionel Messi And Sergio Ramos end on June 30 and according to THE TEAM, the Parisian club would like the two stars to make an effort by lowering their salaries. But the two players seem reluctant to this idea.

Messi better paid than Cristiano Ronaldo?

And for good reason, at the same time, Saudi Arabia is doing a lot of pressing to make an impression. So, THE TEAM adds thatAl Hilal would be willing to offer Lionel Messi a salary higher than that received Cristiano Ronaldo To Al Nassr, i.e. €200 million per year. And that’s not all.

€30m for Sergio Ramos?

In effect, Sergio Ramos would also have received an unbeatable offer. Al Hilal would thus offer the Spanish defender a two-year contract with a net annual salary of €30 million, four times more than in the past. PSG. Saudi Arabia therefore seems determined to compete with Qatar.

A country wants to seal the PSG, Qatar will enrage 24hfootnews.

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