A 4 Tier Option for the WWE Network Is Being Considered


According to a report from PWInsider, Vince McMahon is pushing heavily to shift to a 4 Tiered package for the WWE Network in 2019. The tiers would be broken down as follows:

Tier 1 – Free. Basic content. Pay Per View events would NOT be included.

Tier 2 – $4.99. This tier would include everything from tier 1 as well as the Big 4 Pay Per View events.

Tier 3- $9.99. This would continue to be the programming that you receive today. All Network specials and limited commercials.

Tier 4- $14.99. This would include NO commercials, additional live content not currently being provided on the Network, and additional perks. The extent of those perks is not clear at the current time.

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