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56% of 49ers fans think the Packers would have been a bigger threat than the Seahawks


Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
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Who did you vote for?

The 49ers meet the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday to kick off wild card weekend. Week 18 left the 49ers’ opponent up in the air and sparked a huge debate surrounding their potential matchup.

Is the better matchup against Detroit, Seattle, or Green Bay? Unfortunately, Seattle’s overtime victory over Los Angeles eliminated Detroit. However, Dan Campbell and the fighting Lions wrecked Green Bay’s playoff chances on Sunday night football.

Hypotheticals drive sports discussions. So, let’s discuss a hypothetical. Who is the bigger threat to the 49ers? Green Bay or Seattle?

Can you beat a team three times in the same year?

For 49ers fans, this is the most popular discussion point, especially considering how last year ended for the 49ers. The NFL is all about parity. It’s a fair concern since the league is so close.

The easiest way to think about these situations is to consider how close each team is to the 49ers. I’d argue the Rams were much closer than Seattle is.

It’s still not a sure thing, but Seattle is farther away from the 49ers in nearly every way possible.

Is Aaron Rodgers playing well at the right time?

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best natural throwers of the football this game has ever seen. Nobody disputes that. There was a popular argument that he’s “peaking” at the right time for the Packers, which makes them “scary.”

Victories over the Bears, Rams, Dolphins, and Vikings drove this narrative. Excuse me if I’m not blown away by wins over Chicago, the Baker Mayfield-led Rams, the Dolphins, and suspect Vikings.

People forgot the losses to Buffalo, Detroit, and Titans (at home) preceding this win streak.

Rodgers is still getting by on his reputation at this point. It’s time to discuss his performances in a win-or-go-home game. It isn’t pretty.

Who is the bigger threat?

That said, the 49ers will take their chances with the lesser QB and roster in Seattle.

I understand how difficult it is to beat a team three times in the same season, but facing Geno Smith over Aaron Rodgers has to be the preferred matchup.

The 49ers would beat either team playing their best game.

Hypotheticals are fun, though.

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