2023 LoL World Championship Locations Revealed


Despite the event being months away, there have been important news on the cities and locations that will host the 2023 League of Legends (LoL) World Championship!

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LoL World Championship will be held in South Korea – but in which cities?

There are a couple of important pieces of news regarding the 2023 League of Legends World Championship which will take place toward the end of the year. Riot already told the fans the tournament would head back to Korea when they also confirmed the new format that will come at both international events this year.

Recently, the South Korean news portal “” published an article on Mar. 23rd, 2023, mentioning the host cities for the 2023 League of Legends World Championship. According to the outlet’s sources, Busan is going to host the semifinals, while the Worlds finals will be held in Seoul, the nation’s capital.

While it’s not a surprise to see the big cities of the country hosting the tournament, this is a great change compared to the previous world championship that was held in South Korea.

Back in 2018, Seoul hosted the play-in stage, with Busan getting the groups stage. The semifinals and finals, instead, were held in Gwangju and Incheon respectively.

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LoL Worlds 2023 – the hype is going through the roof

Koreans have been the most dominant region in League’s history, having won multiple world championships throughout the tournament’s history. So having Worlds hosted in what can be considered the “land of esports”, it’s definitely going to be a big deal, for both fans and any stakeholder involved in esports.

If you pair up with the fact that the “big matches” are going to be held in the biggest cities of South Korea, the hype cannot be any higher. Now it will be up to Riot to find the right venues to host the tournaments. There are chances that we might get new venues compared to 2018, considering the increasing interest in LoL Esports.

Last year, the MSI Group Stage took place in Busan’s dedicated Esports Arena, but it might be a little too small to host an event like the semifinals, so the most likely candidate is the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center, BEXCO for short. It was also the venue that hosted Worlds both in 2018 and MSI last year. It has more than 46,500 m^2 of exhibition space and it’s also known for hosting big concerts and events.

For the final in Seoul, instead, the candidate might be Gocheok Sky Dome, a baseball stadium with a capacity of over 16,000 people. During concerts, however, the capacity can go up to 25,000 people, making it a great venue to host the finals.

With esports growing among the younger generations, especially in Korea, the event is likely going to be sold out in a matter of a few minutes. Given DRX’s win last year, and with T1 looking strong once again, this is set to become one of the best world championships of recent years!

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