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2022 NFL Season, Week 16: Raiders at Steelers open thread


Fans Mob Franco Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers

An emotional night in Pittsburgh, as the league mourns the death of Franco Harris.

This game has some loose playoff implications for both the Raiders and Steelers, who are 6-8 and not mathematically out of it just yet. But that aspect of tonight’s game takes a back seat to the fact that on the week of the 50th anniversary of The Immaculate Reception, legendary Pittsburgh running back Franco Harris passed away at the age of 72.

Harris’ jersey is going to be retired tonight, but sadly it will be done posthumously. Franco was one of the NFL’s greatest players, most iconic figures, and universally beloved both during and after his playing career. It’s going to be an emotional night in Pittsburgh.

NFL Network has the broadcast of this game at 5:15 PM PT.

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