Zidane – OM: A disaster is announced


Since the extension of Didier Deschamps at the head of the France team, Zinedine Zidane must change his tune and many clubs are interested in bringing him on the bench. In France, the name of Zidane circulates on the side of PSG and OM. If some dream of seeing him land in the Marseille city, other observers are much more reluctant.

Born at Marseilles, in the Castellane district, Zinédine Zidane has never worn the jersey of the OM. In France, only Ace Cannes and the Girondins of Bordeaux can boast of having had one of the greatest players of all time in their ranks. Now a coach Zidane is looking for a new club. His name circulates on the side of the PSGbut also toOM. Fans dream of welcoming him one day.

“He never said he dreamed of Marseille”

Denis Charvet, consultant RMC in The Big Mouths of Sport returned to this rumor sending Zidane at Marseilles : “ His Marseille origins? Only Di Meco (former OM player) sees him as a Marseillais. He (Di Meco) makes me believe he dreams of Marseille, but he never said so, I never read him. (…) I do not believe it. If it’s brave to go to OM? It’s sure to crash and get fired after six months, it’s very brave, but it’s above all not intelligent. »

“He is making the right choice”

Denis Charvet support the will of Zidane not to rush: Today, he has a very intelligent and very lucid posture, he is not nearly six months away from training. I think he is making the right choice, but the right choice is not obvious to him. »

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