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Zelina Vega Believes She Has Proven How Reliable She Can Be In WWE


WWE star and former Queen of the Ring Zelina Vega recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss a wide range of topics, including her thoughts on joining Legado Del Fantasma, and how with the group she can prove once again how reliable she can be in any situation within the company. Highlights from the interview are below.

On her role with Legado Del Fantasma and how she has a little more control than in the past:

“The nice thing is, I feel I have a little more control over where I’m going now. Now, people are able to see me in a similar light, but they have no idea what’s going to come after this. They have no idea why I’m with the group I’m with. I think all of these questions are going to be answered soon. That’s the fun part. You keep having people wanting more. One thing people have always wanted to see is, ‘when is Zelina going to be in the title picture? When is Zelina going to be the leader for herself?’ I’m gonna be, but I’ve never aligned myself with people that I didn’t see as stars. This group is on another level. To be able to help introduce them to the WWE Universe, it’s a new chapter in my life. I’m excited to bring them to the forefront, but also, I’m right front and center. It’s cool.”

How she has proven how reliable she can be for WWE:

“I’m the person you can trust. I’m the person where, when you need to have something done, when you need something to be good, when you need something to be over, you choose me. It makes perfect sense. The group that I’m with, they want to succeed, they want to upgrade, what do they do? They call me. Going forward, I’ve upgraded other people, I’ve upgraded myself, I feel now I’m on a completely different level. It’s just going to get better and better and I’m excited for everyone to see.”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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