Zapata Miralles: “We have to be united, but I respect Novak Djokovic’s PTPA”


Since last January, Bernabe Zapata Miralles has been a member of the ATP Players Council. The Spaniard therefore had the opportunity to get to know firsthand all the issues that characterize the relationship between players, the ATP and the ITF.

Zapata Miralles believes that an association like the PTPA, created by Djokovic to represent the interests of the players, can create a dangerous division despite its intent.

The tennis player explained in an exclusive interview for Punto de break: “In a certain sense, I understand Novak Djokovic’s project with the PTPA. For many years, the ATP has not been transparent with tennis players, so I understand that some players do not trust and look for other ways to improve the circuit.

I don’t know if it’s better or worse, but it’s clearly divisive. This is not a good thing. I respect the PTPA, but it’s a very complicated issue. The problem is that we all have to run in the same direction, but the ATP has been ignoring players for many years. It’s a touchy subject, but the ATP is having meetings with the PTPA, approaching positions to eliminate this division, unify, and perform better.”

Zapata Miralles: “We have to be united, but I respect PTPA”

He then added: “Numbers, money, investments, but above all transparency. Players need to know how all of this is handled. For example, a player might wonder: why do I have to pay for a second room in tournaments? Well, then the ATP should explain why.

Now we have improved this aspect a lot with the ideas of Andrea Gaudenzi and the rest of the team, we have organized a meeting in Australia and there all the numbers have been shown. The problem with the ATP, of which we all feel a part, is that the Grand Slams don’t help us at all, they are very independent.

In addition to being tournaments that give less benefit to the players, do not contribute to the players’ stay, everything is provided by the ATP with its income. Grand Slam tournaments barely provide 13% of their benefits to players. It should be at least 50%. The ATP and Grand Slam tournaments need to shake hands.”

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