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Earlier this week I asked the question outside of watching football and your Miami Dolphins what other hobbies were you into? Below are some of the responses from the Phinsider faithful-

daytonadolfan also likes to fish. The funny thing was I almost mentioned him in the post saying that I assumed everyone had another hobby outside of watching football except possibly Joe.

Evening, you mean there is something other than football??… Okay, maybe fishing!

TheRoo1 is on the move!

Does posting this from my RV count as an answer? If not, does saying I’m on day 3 of a planned 70-day trip give a hint? Oh, and in Champagne Ill, tonight.

Alpha6 has a lot to do when the monkeys are on a “mission”…

Well… listening to music, gardening, driving in the mountains, looking at the stars at night, reading, fishing…

FirstWave is rocking it old school.

Board Games

EJPLAYA has traded in the court for the course.

Until about 5 yrs ago when my knees said they’d had enough it was basketball 2-3 times a week. Now that’s gotten replaced with golf.

dolphinfan1323 likes gambling and high altitude.

Traveling to the mountains and going to the casino for me

phinman013 is into the latest sports hobby…


Francesco ITA has a diverse list of interests.

my hobbies- Military History, Philosophy/spirituality, video-gaming, my cats, writing, pastry making

Griffin Van Nest likes cycling but we all know he has more hobbies than that, although most also have to do with the Miami Dolphins/Ohio State.

Cycling,…but after a 3 year hiatus from playing hockey the plan is to join an over 50 league ( I’m 57) this summer

Dolfan88 has the same hobby as me.

You mean there is something other than this and football? I’m shocked…I didn’t know…Oh wait, drinking. Got it!

Yarganaught is another person with the same hobby as me, not the growing hot azz peppers but the other stuff.

My hobbies are growing really hot peppers (naga vipers, reapers, trinidad scorpions, etc.) and making hot sauces. And the other is to smoke ribs, butts, chickens, etc..

Krammm likes to collect something that I had to look up.

Collect steinkerns.

TheGolfanDolfan likes to swing clubs!

My name says it all

Dolfanjoe has a lot of things to take up his time and I am not sure if he’s talking about his dogs or us.

A lot of golf! Fishing with the wife, and always a million things to do! Fantasy baseball and football take up some computer time. Hanging with the muts……………….

Call_for_the_Priest’77 likes some old-timey radio.

I like collecting old radio programs on the Internet. Those of us 50+ may remember our parents talking about listening to programs like “The Shadow” or “Inner Sanctum” and many others that aired from the 30s and faded away by the early 60s. Many of us may have even listened to these episodes re-aired in modern times Most programs reflected the infancy period of broadcasting; simple plots, intellectually insulting narratives, and poor sophistication but a few like these ones were superior to the majority. Currently, I have about 30000 episodes from about 400 different shows. They are a neat bit of broadcasting history.

SuperG shares a malady with the rest of us…

Does being an idiot Dolphins homer count as a hobby?

That was an interesting list and an interesting way to find out things about some of the people on the site, even the ones that I know personally. Thank you as always to everyone that took the time to answer the question. Without you, I could not do this weekly (sometimes more often) post.

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