Young Bucks Take Another Dig At The Revival, Kenny King On TNA Pay Issues


ROH wrestler and Bachelorette contestant Kenny King was the special guest on the latest episode of Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 12360.

Below are more highlights from the episode:

Keeny King On Getting Paid:

“I get my damn check on time bro. Getting paid on time is a huge advantage and difference. That and also the culture at ROH. It’s always been we’re just going to blow this s–t up. And it doesn’t matter who’s there. Whether it’s AJ (Styles), or the Briscoes (Briscoe Brothers), or Roddy (Roderick Strong) or everybody. It’s a team mentality. And everybody wants to put their best effort on each card to make each show the best. I’m not saying it wasn’t like that at Impact but it’s very much like that at ROH.”

King Mentions His Mother Beating Cancer:

“There is no trace of cancer anywhere in her the body. She is completely recovered from her chemo. She’s stronger than I’ve seen her in a long time.”

– Young Bucks Take Another Jab At The Revival

– The Young Bucks seem confident they already have “Tag Team of the Year” wrapped up, showing a photo with a sign that says “Pray For Revival.” The two teams have had a friendly social media rivalry throughout the year in regards to who is the better tag team.

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