Xavier Woods Discusses Missing Talking Smack


As reported earlier this week, Xavier Woods did not host Talking Smack last week because he wasn’t informed. Someone was suppose to let Woods know about the announcement before it was made, but communications broke down somewhere along the way.

On an episode of Table Talk, Woods explains what happened.

I was at home. I found out when ya’ll found out. It’s been adjusted, so I’ll be there soon. It’s one of those things where, it’s a very large company and you’ll find with any large company, sometimes, things get lost in the cracks. Things somebody told someone else, but they didn’t. It’s a regular thing with a company that is as large and successful as this. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just, ‘Oops,’ and now we’re cool.

Woods adds that giving him an open microphone usually doesn’t lead to good things.

Fingers crossed that I get to continue to host it because when someone tells me, ‘Hey, you get to do this unscripted television show,’ people don’t always like what I say. So, we’ll see how long it goes.

You can watch Talking Smack every Saturday morning on the WWE Network.

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