WWE Will Be Announcing Women’s Royal Rumble


The Sun in the U.K. is reporting that WWE will in fact be announcing a Women’s Rumble match for the show. The Sun reported:

“But now the event is set to be confirmed, although the details remain scarce and it is possible it may not have entrants as in the male equivalent. A number of women on the roster have already spoken on the possibility of a women’s Rumble.”

It should be noted that Dave Meltzer reported on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is currently not planning to have a women’s Rumble match at the event.

WWE has 11 active female talents on the  RAW roster and 10 on SmackDown. During an interview with The Montgomery Advertiser’s“Piledriver” podcast in January, Bayley said she was open to the idea if WWE brought in more talent.

Bayley said: “I kind of honestly think we need a few more girls to do something like that because the guys have 30 men. We don’t have many girls. Even if it was Raw and Smackdown combined, I don’t think it would make it 20. If we had more girls brought in, maybe like NXT girls, that would be really cool and I think it would be a lot of fun.”

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