WWE UK Championship Special Results: Tyler Bate Defends, No. 1 Contender Set For TakeOver


Welcome to the recap and results for the WWE Network Exclusive, WWE UK Championship Special. Sound off your thoughts on today’s show below in the comments section.

– The show begins by showcasing the talent pool that WWE has for this special and potential future shows.

– WWE HOF’er Jim Ross and Nigel McGuinness are on the call and run down the card, including Pete Dunne vs. Trent Seven for the number one contendership. The winner will take on the winner of tonight’s UK Championship bout between Mark Andrews and current champ Tyler Bate. Let’s go to the ring for our first match.

– It should be noted that each competitor gets a detailed vignette to get us more familiar with them.

Wolfgang vs. Joseph Conners

The lighting and ambiance is unique for this, which is a nice change of pace. They tie up and trade head locks. Whip exchange and the big man Wolfgang lands a beautiful drop kick. Conners able to get the upper hand, attempts a suplex, but is blocked by Wolfgang multiple times. Wolfgang turns the tables and hits a stalling that held up for a good 15 seconds. First cover for a near fall. Wolfgang looks to show off his ability by heading to the top, but Conners meets him there and knocks him headfirst on the apron. Baseball slide by Conners. They brawl on the outside until Conners rolls Wolfgang back in. Wolfgang wrapped around the ring post and Conners hits a basement drop kick. Wolfy brought up for a slam from Conners for a near fall. Abdominal stretch from the smaller competitor, constricting the air of the big man. Wolfgang fights out, slings Conners to the corner, and follows it up with jumping cross body to the upper body of Conners. Wolfgang selling the ribs during his covers. Conners ahead now, heads up top, but gets caught by the knees of Wolfgang for a gut check of sorts. With Conners down, Wolfgang heads back up top, but Conners wisely slips out of reach. Conners playing possum a bit and hits a slingshot DDT but doesn’t get all of it. Several reverses from each man culminates in a power bomb and near fall from the menacing Conners. Conners upping the risk by going to the second rope. He launches and receives a spear from Wolfgang instead. This sets up the Swanton Bomb known as “The Howling” for Wolfgang. One, two, and three.

Winner via Pinfall: Wolfgang

– We head directly back to the ring for our next match-up after a look at the championship match competitors backstage.

TJP & The Brian Kendrick vs. Rich Swann & Dan Moloney

The young Englishman steps in with the veteran Kendrick. Crowd with some support for Kendrick as well as the up and comer. Kendrick with early control. Tag made to TJP. More of a tag control match so far as Kendrick and TJP make frequent tags and cut the ring in half. A bit of a humorous exchange as TJP grabs the arm of who he thinks is Moloney but turns out to be his own partner. Their adversaries go over to say hello and TJP finally realizes his mistake. Tag made to Swann and the two charismatic stars do a double dab with some tandem offense. Atomic Drops seem to be the chosen weapon for Swann and Moloney. Assisted dive over the top has Swann take out both opponents all while landing on his feet. Tables quickly turn as a blind tag is made and Swann gets taken out. Kendrick works Swann over with a methodical pace. Swann goes for a tag, but Kendrick picks the ankle to prevent. Kick from Swann creates separation for the hot tag to Moloney, who cleans house. Moloney with a bevy of strikes before he gets tripped up by Kendrick on a rope run. The young man takes his eye off the ball and allows the other team back in. Crowd taking a bit of a sarcastic liking to TJP, who attempts wrestling while covering his ears to drown out the chants. TJP slows the pace with a head lock, but Moloney fights out with a back suplex. Tag made to Swann. Unique offense from the outlandish one. Somersault leg drop to the back of Kendrick by Swann for a near fall. Both men up top now. Super reverse atomic drop from Swann. Action going everywhere until Moloney and Swann are the legal men. Several reversals. Moloney gets Kendrick up, but TJP lends a helping hand. This leads to a Kendrick roll-up with a handful of tights for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: TJP & The Brian Kendrick

– Backstage segment with Trent Seven after revealing he has an arm injury. His opponent for the number one contendership, Pete Dunne, interrupts and smashes Seven’s arm into the wall before walking out.

Trent Seven vs. Pete Dunne (#1 Contender Match For UK Championship)

Dunne arrives with the Progress Championship in tow. Solid reaction for both men. Dunne running circles around Seven, literally, as he searches for the injured right arm of Seven. Easy storytelling here so far as Trent Seven continuously blocks the injury from the opportune Dunne. Seven testing out the arm as he delivers a chop and open hand slap to the chest of the Bruiserweight. Dunne able to ground Seven and goes to town on the injured arm. On the outside, Dunne traps Seven’s arm between the steel steps and ring post and kicks the ring post for the painful metal trap. Excruciating submissions locked in by Dunne, twisting the mangled elbow in ways it probably shouldn’t be. Seven makes the ropes to break the holds, but Dunne isn’t much for clean breaks as he double stomps the protected arm. Dunne not done yet, as he throws in some join manipulation. Trent Seven creates space with a chop and DDT. He ups the ante and flies to the outside. Dunne reverses upon re-entry to the squared circle, goes for his finish, but denied. Dunne goes for the trademark lariat, but also gets blocked. Seven charges, bounces off the ropes, and Dunne hits a slingshot German. Modified slam from Seven for a near fall.

Combo of slams with an X-plex from Dunne gets a long two. Dunne locks in the double wrist lock but Seven makes the ropes. Action spills outside once again. Battle of wills and forearms on the apron. Dragon suplex from Seven to Dunne on the apron and both men down. Each make the count by a narrow margin and we hit the reset button. Each man near the top rope and blocks the other. Seven throws Dunne but the Bruiserweight lands on his feet. Forearm to the face from Dunne, but Seven hits a big out of nowhere for the near fall. A frustrated Seven tries for the Seven Star Lariat, but Dunne blocks and locks Seven up in a standing body scissors. Shot landed by Seven, but to no avail. Bitter End executed by Dunne for the win. He takes on the winner of tonight’s main event at NXT TakeOver: Chicago.

Winner via Pinfall & New #1 Contender: Pete Dunne

– Special video package for the competitors in the UK Title match, Tyler Bate and Mark Andrews.

Tyler Bate (c) vs. Mark Andrews (WWE UK Championship Match)

The British crowd highly in favor of their hometown champion. Quick roll-up from Andrews for a one and a standoff. Beautiful chain wrestling from both men as they feel each other out early one. Double leg take down from Bate as he works his way around Andrews’ wrist/arm. Andrews escapes and maneuvers well as well. Bate lifts up the smaller man and sits him down gently on the top rope with a clean break and handshake. Fell Nelson from the champ as Andrews uniquely fights out. Bate tries several attempts to scoot out of a hold, and the third time’s the charm. Modified surfboard leg submission by the champ that has Andrews writhing. Andrews makes the ropes safely as referee Jason Ayers makes the break. One arm drag executed, then blocked, then executed again. Athletic exchange with a series of take downs. Both men nip up to the crowd’s delight. Andrews gets the best of a whip exchange and near fall as he gets a bit more aggressive. Andrews working over the shoulder to help prevent the Tyler Driver 97. Octopus Stretch locked in by the challenger. Bate showing off his lower body strength by carrying Andrews to the ropes while the hold is locked in.

Reverse wheelbarrow into a reverse Boston Crab from Bate and pulls up and swings him to add insult to injury. Bate ramping up the aggression as well as he focuses on Andrews legs and back. Bate charges to the corner but met with a step up kick from Andrews. Rana sends Bate outside. Andrews finding his groove with a somersault dive to the outside that lands a glancing blow to the champ. Back inside and Andrews rolls through with a double stomp. Nice suplex from Andrews for a near fall. Bate leap frogs an Andrews attack and goes to the air himself. Tyler Driver setup, reversed by Andrews. Attempt number two and blocked again and Andrews turns it into a pile driver of sorts. We go to the apron. Andrews hits a standing Sliced Bread #2 on Bate and the champ rolls out of the way to avoid the cover. Backflip off the apron from Andrews, caught by the champ, but turns it right back into a Tornado DDT. Andrews drags Bate’s dead weight back into the ring for a long two count.

Andrews looks to head up top, but Bate grabs the ankle. Bate with an upper cut, heads up top, but enziguri catches Bate. Andrews looks for the rana, but Bate crotches Andrews on the side rope. Diving upper cut by Bate off the second rope for a near fall. Both men tired in the center of the ring, coming to blows. After a quick flurry from Andrews, Bate shows Bop, and lands Bang. Helicopter Spin from the champion. He goes to reverse spins, but Andrews counters with a reverse rana for the near fall. Andrews hitting desperation mode, slowly heading to the top. Bate appears to have been playing possum, hits a kick, making Andrews jello on the top. Bate lifts him up. At last second, Andrews reverses into another rana and follows up with a running shooting star press for a long two. Bate uses the ropes for momentum into a lariat after a super kick. Bate powers up, looking for a suplex, reversed into a Stundog Millionaire from Andrews. Andrews heads up top once again. Andrews takes the dive, but Bate gets the knees up. Both men in opposite corners struggling to get up. Cannonball kick by Bate sets him up to deliver the Tyler Driver 97. It hits its mark for the pin and retention.

Winner via Pinfall & STILL WWE UK Champion: Tyler Bate

– After the match, Pete Dunne comes down the ramp and attacks Andrews. Mr. Regal comes out to stave off the attempt. Regal stands between the champ and new challenger as they face off and we head off the air.

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