WWE To Place Restrictions On NXT UK Wrestlers


According to WrestleTalk, the WWE is looking to reverse course and restrict NXT UK talent from working for other promotions.

This is a change from the current policy in place, one that only restricts the wrestlers from working for other companies with distribution deals. The new restrictions will not allow wrestlers under contract to work for any other promotions. The only exception to the restrictions will be companies that the WWE has partnered with, such as Evolve, ICW and WxW (Germany).

It is worth noting that not every wrestler will be receiving an updated contract. The restricted contracts will only apply to the top wrestlers and will apparently come with a raise. The thought process behind the change stems from disappointing house show numbers for NXT UK events. The feeling is that UK fans aren’t willing to shell out the money to see the same wrestlers that they can see on any other independent show in the area.

The restrictions not only apply to what promotions the contracted wrestlers can work with, but also the specific wrestlers that they can wrestle. NXT UK wrestlers under the new contract will not be allowed to wrestle against anyone other contract form ROH, NJPW, Impact, World of Sport or any other major wrestling promotion.

Wrestletalk speculates that the WWE will allow the wrestlers to honor any obligations that they have through the end of 2018, as long as the promotion in question has paramedics on site. This stems from several NXT UK wrestlers showing up at the performance center with previously undisclosed injuries.

All in all, it will be very interesting to see how these changes affect the UK wrestling scene, as the restrictions would seem to stifle the smaller promotions ability to put on quality programming.

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