WWE teasing a possible feud between John Cena and Samoa Joe?


John Cena and Samoa Joe crossed paths early in their careers, long before they were main event stars. Both competed and trained together at Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW), which was owned and operated by popular promoter and talent agent Rick Bassman from 1999 to 2007. UPW was also affiliated with WWE’s developmental system in the early 2000s, and both competitors would engage in an intense feud in the company.

The video would then go on to share the little-known fact that Cena would have dinners with Joe’s family, enjoying the Seanoa Samoan barbeque.

Interestingly, the vignette leaves fans with this quote.

If we ever see them in a WWE ring together, would it be as friends or foes?

This sets up a very plausible plot regarding the next person for John Cena to feud with.

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