WWE Superstar Receives Award (Photo), Paige Reveals Boyfriend on Total Divas, Fans on RAW Teams


– Below is a Total Divas preview for Wednesday with SmackDown General Manager Paige revealing her then-secret boyfriend – Kalan Blehm, the bassist from Attila. Paige revealed the relationship when Nia Jax wanted to set her up with her brother.

“Mr. Kalan is actually my boyfriend,” Paige revealed. “Me and Kalan have wanted to keep it private because we just wanted to have our own little world for a second. I’m really happy and don’t want anything to interfere with this relationship or anything to ruin this relationship because I’ve finally found a guy where I feel like he’s the one.”

– WWE has a new poll asking fans which RAW tag team should be next in line for a RAW Tag Team Title shot from Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. As of this writing, 63% voted for The Authors of Pain while 23% voted for The Revival and 14% voted for The B Team.

– Jinder Mahal revealed on Twitter that he has received a “Heroes Behind The Heroes” award from Sony Yay!, a division of Sony Pictures Sports Network in India. You can see tweets from The Modern Day Maharaja and Sony Yay! below:

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