WWE Smackdown #1 Contenders Match: John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura


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#1 Contenders Match: John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

The winner of this match will faces Jinder Mahal For The WWE World Titleat Summerslam.

Nakamura with some showing off early on. Cena comes back with some taunting of his own. They go at it and Nakamura takes it to the corner. Cena is confused by some of Nakamura’s antics. They lock up and Cena takes control with a hold. Fans do the dueling Cena chants now. Nakamura turns it around and stops Cena with a headlock. They run the ropes and show each other up again. Nakamura tells Cena to bring it. Cena attacks but Nakamura drops him in the corner with an enziguri.

Nakamura with some good vibrations in the corner. Cena comes back with right hands. Cena sends Nakamura to the corner and charges but Nakamura moves. Cena catches a kick and drives Nakamura to the mat for a 2 count. Cena has Nakamura grounded with a headlock now.

Nakamura fights back, dropping Cena with a kick. We see Jinder and The Singh Brothers watching from their skybox. Nakamura with more kicks to Cena, sending him back to the mat. Nakamura charges in the corner with a shot to the gut. Nakamura takes Cena and places him on the top. Nakamura runs with the high knee and covers for another 2 count.

Cena makes his comeback with the usual moves as some fans boo. Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle as boos continue. Cena takes his time and Nakamura stops the “you can’t see me” gesture, catching Cena in an armbar. Cena fights it. Cena ends up powering up and putting Nakamura on his shoulders. Nakamura avoids an Attitude Adjustment and drops Cena again. Nakamura waits in the corner as Cena is slow to get up. Cena counters the Kinshasa and applies the STF in the middle of the ring.

Nakamura gets out of the STF and applies the cross armbreaker. Cena gets out of that and covers for a pin attempt. Nakamura kicks out but Cena levels him with a big clothesline. We see Jinder and The Singh Brothers watching again as fans chant “this is awesome” now. Cena gets up but Nakamura drops him and connects with a big left knee. Nakamura waits in the corner again. Cena side-steps and nails an Attitude Adjustment. Nakamura kicks out just in time.

Cena can’t believe it as we get a replay. Cena goes for another AA but Nakamura turns it into a guillotine in the middle of the ring. More back and forth. Nakamura plants Cena on the back of his neck. Nakamura nails the Kinshasa for the pin and the SummerSlam title shot.

Winner and New #1 Contender: Shinsuke Nakamura

– After the match, Nakamura’s music hits as he and Cena are down on the mat trying to recover.

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