WWE Signs with New Streaming Partner for the WWE Network


Endeavor Streaming has signed WWE as a marquee client for their newly formed products & services division, according to Variety. The WWE Network previously used BAMTech, now called Disney Streaming Services, to power the service.

WWE’s agreement with Disney Streaming Services expired at the end of 2018 and WWE chose to not renew the deal.

“Endeavor Streaming’s best-in-class technology enables us to offer more features, elevate the user experience and provides us even more opportunity to delight our fans around the world,” Vince McMahon said in a statement.

WWE has also announced a new partnership with Massive Interactive, a user-interface design firm, which together with the new Endeavor Streaming partnership will be “part of our evolving strategy to own more of the WWE Network technology stack,” according to a statement from WWE.

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