WWE RAW Results: 12/25/17


Tonight’s WWE RAW will take a place at ALLSTATE ARENA CHICAGO, IL on 25th December 2017 at 8PM/ET.

Cena takes the mic and wants to fix something he saw in the crowd. A younger fan was wearing the older Cena merchandise but Cena gives him the shirt off his back. Cena wishes a Merry Christmas to Chicago. Fans chant “Merry Christmas” now. Cena says that’s the first time we’ve heard that chant as this is the first time RAW has been live on Christmas.

Cena loves the holidays because it’s all about togetherness and everywhere he goes, he talks about how WWE and the fans are his family. Cena says cheers to the good times and to looking out and seeing all of us together. Cena couldn’t think of a better place, right now to tell you… the music interrupts and out comes Elias with his guitar.

Elias hits the ring and talks about how he’s tired of getting interrupted as of late. A loud CM Punk chant starts up. Elias says Punk damn sure won’t be interrupting him tonight. Cena says it’s Christmas and Chicagoans love their fellow Chicagoan so it’s alright, let them have some fun. Elias says he’s going to perform tonight. The Punk chants interrupt again. Cena welcomes Elias to Chicago. Elias says he’s going to perform no matter how often they want to chant that and he’s going to perform without interruptions. It looks like Cena is trying to interrupt Elias but he just wants to hand him a stool. Elias takes a seat and the spotlight drops on him. Cena watches as Elias begins his song. Fans chant for Punk again.

Elias starts in with a Christmas song but he starts knocking Chicago and Cena interrupts him because he started dissing the people of the city. Cena says Elias actually plays pretty good but he always gets to a point where he calls the people in the crowd jerks. Elias makes his case but Cena says no, you’re being the jerk. Elias says he never thought of it that way but it is Christmas and maybe Cena is right, maybe he is the jerk. Elias says he would love to do that song again, if Chicago will give him a second chance. Chicago doesn’t want to. Cena calls them a very tough city but it’s Christmas, so go ahead. Elias starts the song again as fans boo. Elias sings some props about Chicago now and tells Cena to finish the song with some Christmas spirit. Cena starts singing but Elias drops him from behind with a cheap shot. Elias says he doesn’t play for Cena or the fans. Elias says Christmas is overrated and so is Chicago. Fans boo again. Elias goes to leave but turns back around and beats Cena down. Elias says Santa Claus didn’t visit him this morning so he’s going to give himself the gift of challenging Cena right now. Elias calls for a referee while Cena is down on the mat.

Elias vs. John Cena

Elias looks frustrated as he sits in the middle of the ring. We get a replay of the powerbomb. Cena rolls back in at the 8 count but Elias covers for a pin attempt. Cena keeps Elias grounded with a headlock now.

Cena finally gets some momentum going but Elias rolls to the floor for a breather. Cena runs out of the ring and brings Elias back in but Elias clotheslines him for a 2 count. Elias keeps control and nails a knee to the back for another 2 count.

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