WWE RAW Results: 1/29/18


Last Man Standing Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Kane vs. Braun Strowman

We go to the ring and out comes Braun Strowman to a pop.

Back from the break and the match is underway as both Superstars brawl at ringside. Kane takes control and beats Braun with a kendo stick. They fight towards the production area and Braun turns it around, using a steel chair on Kane.

Braun has Kane down as he walks up to the stage. Braun tips the entire announce table set-up over off the stage onto Kane. The referee calls the match as Kane is unable to make the count. Braun has qualified for the Elimination Chamber.

Winner: Braun Strowman

– After the match, Braun stands tall on the stage as we get replays. We see officials and crew members checking on Kane under the debris. Graves hits the stage and asks Braun what he just did to another human being. Braun says he was just doing his job, Angle said it was Last Man Standing, right? Braun yells out as his music hits again and we get another replay. Braun stares down at Kane.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Elias vs. Matt Hardy

Matt keeps control and takes Elias back down in a hold. Elias tries to fight out but Matt stops him. Elias fights back but Matt clubs him. Elias drops Hardy and unloads in the corner with strikes as the referee counts. Elias with a boot to the face. Elias goes to the floor and slams Matt’s shoulder around the ring post. Matt screams in pain. Elias breaks the count and goes back to the floor to focus on the shoulder of Hardy, slamming it into the post again. Elias returns to the ring and stands tall as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Hardy turns it around with a headbutt and a side Russian leg sweep for a 2 count. The crew is almost done with the new announce table at ringside. Matt unloads in the corner and slams Elias’ head into the turnbuckles. Hardy keeps control but the bulldog is blocked. Elias runs into an elbow. Matt with an elbow off the second rope. Matt with a Side Effect for a 2 count. The graphic flashes for Bray Wyatt and the lights go out but Wyatt is not there. Elias takes advantage of the distraction and boots Hardy, then hits the Drift Away for the pin to qualify for the Elimination Chamber.

Winner: Elias

– After the match, Elias stands tall as we go to replays. The Wyatt graphic flashes again and Bray is on the big screen laughing. Hardy is down on the mat in the ring. Wyatt just laughs but Matt starts laughing back at him. That’s the segment.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Roman Reigns vs. The Miz

Reigns turns his attention back to Miz at ringside. Reigns raises the chair to hit Miz with it but the referee warns him. Reigns tosses the chair to the side and breaks the count at 7. Miz takes advantage of the distraction and sends Reigns into the ring post.

Reigns ends up overpowering Miz and hitting a sitdown powerbomb but Miz kicks out. The referee catches Miz trying to remove the turnbuckle cover like last week. Reigns comes over but Miz gets a cheap shot to the eye in. Miz follows up with a Skull Crushing Finale but Reigns kicks out just in time. Miz can’t believe it. Reigns with a back elbow to the jaw in the corner. Reigns charges but Miz moves and he hits the ring post. Reigns comes right back with a Superman Punch for another close 2 count.

They end up on the floor now. The Miztourage is back out at ringside. Reigns with some offense before rolling Miz back into the ring. The referee checks on Miz as Dallas comes on the apron and grabs Reigns. Reigns yanks Dallas into the ring. Reigns knocks Axel off the apron with a Superman Punch. Reigns with a Spear to Dallas. Miz takes advantage and rolls Reigns up from behind for the pin.

Winner: The Miz

– After the match, Miz clutches the title and hits the ramp as his music plays. We go to replays. Miz raises the title on the stage as Reigns recovers in the ring, sitting up and looking upset.

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