WWE RAW Results: 1/15/18


Tonight’s WWE RAW will take a place at AT&T CENTER SAN ANTONIO, TX on 15th January 2018 at 8PM/ET.

The Bar vs. Titus Worldwide

Cesaro kicks Titus and tags in Sheamus for the double team. Crews gets on the apron and sends Cesaro to the floor. Sheamus and Titus go at it now as Cesaro gets dropped on the floor. Sheamus ends up rolling Titus up for a quick 2 count. Cesaro tags in for the Neutralizer but Crews ends up hitting a big crossbody from the top. Crews with a standing moonsault on Cesaro for a close 2 count as the pin is broken up. The Bar keeps control and Sheamus tags back in. They go for the double team White Noise but the music hits and out comes RAW Tag Team Champion Jason Jordan to the stage. Crews takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Sheamus up for the win.

Winners: Titus Worldwide

– After the match, Jordan looks on from the ramp as partner Seth Rollins comes out to talk to him. Titus Worldwide celebrates as an angry Cesaro and Sheamus look on from the ring.

Cedric Alexander vs. Tony Nese

Nese keeps control and turns Cedric upside down in the corner for more offense. Nese with another pin attempt. Nese keeps Cedric grounded as Enzo talks trash. Nese drops a leg and covers for another 2 count. Nese keeps Cedric grounded again while Enzo talks some more trash. Goldust walks over and scares Enzo, then mocks him. Cedric fights back in the ring and rocks Nese. Nese gets dropped by an uppercut after more back & forth. Cedric makes a comeback and drops Nese on his face now. Cedric kips up and gets sent to the apron but springboards in with a flying clothesline for a 2 count.

Nese blocks the Lumbar Check and takes Cedric down into a headlock. Nese fights off a counter and elbows Cedric. More back & forth now. Nese with a big kick and a big knee. They trade holds and Cedric counters a pumphandle slam, nailing the Lumbar Check for the pin.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

– After the match, Goldust returns to the ring to celebrate with Cedric. Goldust stares Enzo down.

Asuka vs. Nia Jax

Asuka ends up dropping Nia into a kneebar. Nia screams and crawls for the bottom rope, making it to break the submission. Nia sends Asuka out to the floor through the ropes. Nia catches a kick and drives Asuka back into the apron as the referee counts. Asuka takes out Nia’s leg while it’s in between the steel ring steps and the apron. Nia goes down and Asuka returns to the ring. Nia makes it back in at the 9 count. The referee checks on Nia but she’s selling the leg injury. Nia tries to get up but her leg goes out. She stands up again but falls again. The referee calls for the bell and JoJo makes the announcement.

Winner By Referee Stoppage: Asuka

– After the match, Asuka’s music hits as Nia clutches her knee. Another referee and a trainer runs down to check on Nia as Asuka looks on, still trying to get to her feet. RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss also runs down to check on her friend. We go to replays. Nia is helped to the back.

The Revival vs. Aaron Solow and Ricky Starks

We go to the ring and both teams are waiting in the ring. The enhancement talents do not get their names announced.

Scott Dawson starts off with his opponent and takes control. Dawson unloads and tags in Dash Wilder. Dash stays in and takes out the other opponent with a backbreaker. Dawson tags in for a quick double team. The Revival keeps control and goes on to hit the Shatter Machine for the easy win.

Winners: The Revival

– After the match, Dash and Dawson kick one of their opponents out of the ring and stand tall. We go to replays. Charly Caruso interviews them in the ring. Dawson taunts Charly and says we just witnessed a clinic in tag team wrestling, something we’ve been missing for a long time as too many guys are worried about video games and Instagram, but not Dash and himself as they are students of the game. They’re only worried about punishing their opponents, mastering holds and winning matches. Charly asks what Legends they are looking forward to seeing on RAW 25 next week… The New Age Outlaws or maybe WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels or WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin? Dash says they’re looking forward to old school and there’s nothing old school about crotch chops or beer baths, that’s why the business has become a mockery. They say they’re not sports entertainers, they’re professional wrestlers. They’re not creations of a WWE board room. No one will change who they are and if they try, The Revival won’t let them. Dawson says Legends from around the world will be here next week but this is The Revival’s universe, and only one team will set the tone around here – we’re looking at them. The Revival stands tall as their music hits.

2-on-1 Handicap Match: Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas vs. Roman Reigns

Axel runs for a tag but Reigns stops him and rams him back into the corner. Reigns ends up knocking Dallas off the apron to stop a tag from happening. Reigns stares Axel down and backs him towards the corner now. Reigns snaps and unloads on Axel as fans pop. Reigns with big shots in the corner as fans count along. Dallas gets on the apron but reigns nails an elbow. Reigns knocks Dallas from the apron into the ring now. Reigns runs Axel into Dallas and then delivers a kick that causes Axel to spike Dallas with a DDT. Reigns stands tall as most fans cheer him. Reigns goes for the finish but Miz gets on the apron and distracts him. Dallas charges but Reigns sends him to the floor. Reigns with a Superman Punch on Axel.

Reigns leaves the ring and nails a Superman Punch off the steel steps onto Dallas. Reigns stares at Miz and rolls him into the ring. Miz goes right to the floor and Reigns grabs his coat trying to stop him. Axel takes advantage and rolls Reigns up from behind for a 2 count. Reigns gets up, runs the ropes and nails the Spear on Axel for the pin.

Winner: Roman Reigns

– After the match, Reigns stands tall in the ring with the title as his music plays. The Miz, Dallas and Axel retreat up the ramp. We go to replays and come back to Reigns & Miz taunting each other.

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