WWE Officials Not Happy with Fans Dressed as WWE Legends During The Rock’s Return Segment


– As seen on Monday’s WWE RAW during The Rock’s return segment, fans dressed as WWE Legends Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Randy Savage and Rock were shown at ringside.

Before Rock’s segment, the fan dressed as Savage was doing various Macho Man mannerisms and this is why fans were chanting “Randy Savage” during the show. WWE officials backstage did not like the chants and after the Kane vs. Bray Wyatt match, security was sent to tell the fans to calm it down. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the fans were taken out at one point but let back in and told to calm down, which they did.

Then while The Rock was cutting a promo, he saw the fans at ringside and went to speak to them on camera. According to The Observer, people backstage were “freaking” because they were already mad at those fans for distracting the crowd, and now they were getting TV time. The feeling was that if anyone else besides John Cena would have done the same thing, they would have been fired, but Rock can pretty much do what he wants and go off-script.

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