WWE NXT Results (5/31): Ciampa Explains All, Glorious Celebration Postponed, Superstar Returns, More


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– Tonight’s show opens up with another new intro theme for the show, which is an improvement from the last one. A raucous crowd is ready for the show as Phillips, Watson, and McGuinness are on commentary. Tommaso Ciampa limps his way down to the ring with crutches.

– The crowd is a bit split between “Psycho Killer” and “Why, Ciampa, Why” chants. Ciampa asks for Gargano to come out for an explanation, but oh yes, he’s on the shelf. Ciampa asks if we want Gargano replaced, because he knows what it’s like to be replaced. He said that he sustained an injury on the Thursday before NXT TakeOver: Chicago. He says that due to the injury, that the fans were already replacing him in their minds. He says he’s not an afterthought. Ciampa says he let it go and wanted to keep fighting. He referenced the ladder match at TakeOver and he felt his knee pop. Ciampa says that just like the fans wanted to replace him, he thought Gargano would replace him if he were to be out for a long period of time. Ciampa said he did what he had to do and blames the fans for the split. He said if he was going to be out for a long time, so was Gargano, and his mind was made up. Ciampa said that Chicago was supposed to be DIY’s moment, but it ended up being HIS moment. He says he and Gargano are not replaceable, but the fans are. Ciampa says he will be the most dangerous S.O.B. when he returns and he is professional wrestling, whether we like it or not.

– We’ll have tag action later tonight with Ohno and Strong taking on Young and Wolfe. The new UK Champion Pete Dunne will take on Danny Burch.

– Quick vignette for Danny Burch.

– They provide an up date on Gargano, which is that they don’t have an update, as Gargano has reportedly kept quiet after the attack suffered from Ciampa.

– Video of Bobby Roode, who is taking his celebration elsewhere to an exclusive party, but promises to be back next week.

Pete Dunne vs. Danny Burch

Physical tie-up starts us off as both men putting a little extra mustard on their take down attempts. They trade holds and reversals with some nice chain wrestling. Burch takes a page out of Dunne’s book with some join manipulation and the champ retreats. We’ve entered the “bruising” part of the match as both men land thunderous strikes. Dunne with the slight advantage as we head to break.

We’re back and Dunne has shifted strategies to more of a brawling ground and pound. Burch hits a missile drop kick after getting the knees up on a Dunne attack. Burch nips up out of nowhere. Exploder from Burch and a big right hand across the jaw of the champ for a two. Knee strike and headbutt from Burch for another near fall. Dunne with a snap suplex and X-plex for a long two. Dunne looks for Bitter End but Burch counters. Dunne rolls it into a pin for a two. Burch with a huge lariat off a rope rebound and both men down. Burch hulks up but gets caught by Dunne right hand. Dunne looks for a springboard of sorts, but a right hand from Burch surprises the champ. Burch drapes Dunne over the top rope for a DDT and near fall. After a short exchange, Dunne slings Burch into the turnbuckle with a suplex to set up the Bitter End for the win. Nice match.

Winner via Pinfall: Pete Dunne

– After the match, Dunne takes the mic. He says he’s had to watch a “boy” carry a title since January that was rightfully his. He says the WWE UK brand will officially be able to start now that he has the title.

– Kayla Braxton backstage with Velveteen Dream. He doesn’t like the ambiance of the room or Kayla’s hair or dress. He says everything needs to be perfect, and he will fix it.

– Video package for Authors of Pain narrated by their manager, Paul Ellering. They cover a bit of character development, citing the origins of Akam and Razar.

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Cezar Bononi

Almas with an ambush on the much larger Bononi. He isn’t messing around tonight as he hits the double knees right off the bat. An open hand slap was heard throughout Full Sail. Bononi able to block an attack and deliver a few strikes, but Almas able to retake control with a neck breaker. Snapmare take down and diving drop kick from Almas. Bononi tries to fight back, but can’t make anything happen. Almas goes for a second double knees, stops for his trademark yell and slap to the face of his opponent. Almas nonchalantly goes for his finish, but Bononi rolls him up for the surprise win.

Winner via Pinfall: Cezar Bononi

– Video of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay with their vision for remodeling the Performance Center. Ember Moon walks by. The trainer comes out and asks Ember to sign her medical release form, much to the chagrin of the Iconic Duo.

– It’s announced that Asuka will face Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross in a triple threat in two weeks.

– Video of Hideo refusing comment after his match with Bobby Roode at TakeOver. He tears up the locker room. Ohno tries to be the voice of reason, but we get a lot “bleeps” from Itami as he storms off. We’re then shown Itami and Ohno shaking hands in the parking lot earlier in the day. Itami will take on Oney Lorcan next week.

SAnitY (Young/Wolfe) vs. Roderick Strong & Kassius Ohno

EY and Roddy get us started. Fast and furious from the get go as Strong ends a series with a beautiful back breaker. Wolfe tagged in but met with a Roddy drop kick. Tag made to Ohno and they double team the moshing Wolfe with forearm strikes in the corner. Wolfe able to create space and tag Young. Ohno living up to his mantra as he knocks out everything in sight. Killian Dain makes his presence known as he sweeps the leg of Ohno on the apron. After some double team offense, Young works over Ohno. Kassius tries to pump himself up but the comeback is stopped short. Ohno sent outside for another attack from the grizzly bear of SAnitY as we go to break.

We’re back and Young has a chin lock cinched in. Ohno chops his way out but sent straight back down by a shot from Young. Wolfe tagged in and another quick tag to Young. SAnitY continues the classic tag work with quick tags and cornering Ohno. Crowd pumping up Ohno, but Wolfe denies the tag once again. Ohno takes out both men, but Wolfe hits a big boot on the way to tag Strong. Young back in with a neck breaker for a near fall.

Strong with the hot tag and what a hot tag it is. High octane clotheslines and an Angle Slam. Wolfe seeing stars, but able to put his foot on the rope during a cover. Tag made to Young, which Strong doesn’t seen, and gets hit by a Young neck breaker. Action wild and woolly as bodies are everywhere. Young calls for Dain to get involved, but No Way Jose makes his triumvirate return to take out Dain and even the odds. Strong hits his new version of the back breaker for the win.

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