WWE NXT Results 5/24/17


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– The show kicks off with a look back at highlights from last weekend’s NXT TakeOver: Chicago event.

– Welcome back to Chicago where these matches were taped before TakeOver. Aleister Black makes his unique entrance to a huge pop. The announce team officially welcomes us to the show as we go to the ring for the first match.

Aleister Black vs. Curt Hawkins

This is actually a rematch from their short bout on Main Event a couple weeks ago. Hawkins shows a hand for a test of strength but skips it to kick Black in the midsection. Hawkins goes for a whip but Black able to leapfrog and land Indian style. Black traps Hawkins in the ropes and delivers a stiff kick. Back in and a running knee stuns Hawkins. Black tries to lift him back up with his boot, but Hawkins sees what’s coming and slips out of the ring. They chase each other for a moment. Black finally meets Hawkins outside, but Hawkins pushes Black back-first into the ring apron. Hawkins with a chin lock, but Black flips out. Corner attack leads Hawkins to the middle of the ring where Black springboards in reverse off the rope for a dive. This sets up the Black Mass for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Aleister Black

– Drew McIntyre will take on former NXT Tag Team Champion Wesley Blake later tonight. We’ll also hear from Bobby Roode and take a special look at the split of Gargano and Ciampa of #DIY.

– Detailed recap of the ladder match for the NXT Tag belts and eventual turn on Johnny Gargano by Tomasso Ciampa. No additional medical information has been released and they show footage of Gargano leaving the arena in an ambulance.

– Ember Moon talks about her road to NXT with Chicago being a big town in her indy career. She had to sit the event out with an injured shoulder. She says time heals all wounds, but battle scars last forever.

– Recap of the triple threat match for the NXT Women’s title. Asuka was victorious in retaining her championship. Kayla Braxton asks Asuka what’s next. The champ says no one can stand toe-to-toe with her and the championship is hers.

– Vignette for the “Velveteen Dream” Patrick Clark, who debuts next.

– Recap of the Eric Young and Roderick Strong match, who debuted a new back breaker to finish off the leader of SAnitY. Kayla Braxton caught up with Strong after the match. She reveals that he’s the first to cleanly pin Eric Young in NXT. Strong says once you bring his family into it, there’s no holding him back. He says this is one step closer to the NXT Championship.

Velveteen Dream (Patrick Clark) vs. Robert Anthony

Side headlock early. Fast-paced whip exchange ends with a single leg drop kick from the the dream. Anthony gets a shot in but only fires up the velvet one. The nastiness showing as Clark corners Anthony and delivers a series of shots and submissions. Springboard clothesline from the corner by Clark takes Anthony down. He follows it up with a neck breaker. Clark sets up his opponent and heads to the top. Clark hits a dreamy top rope elbow for the three count and victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Velveteen Dream

– Recap of the barn burner that was the WWE United Kingdom Championship match between then champion Tyler Bate and challenger Pete Dunne. The Bruiserweight was able to win a classic and walks away with the title. Braxton caught up with Dunne after the match. He says he got to watch Bate live a dream. He did what he said he would do, win the title, and now everything is his.

– Recap of the NXT Championship match between Hideo Itami and the glorious champ, Bobby Roode. Kayla Braxton is quite busy as she got a word with Roode after the match. Roode said he didn’t even know Itami was still around until he challenged him. He proved that Itami isn’t in his league. He asks the question for everyone and reveals what’s next for Bobby Roode. He says it will be who ever he wants it to be and whenever he wants it to be, as he will head home to take some time off.

– Roode must not be taking a ton of time off, as it’s announce he will have a glorious celebration on next week’s NXT. It’s main event time.

Drew McIntyre vs. Wesley Blake

Big pop for McIntyre. Blake debuts new gear and theme music as he appears to be going to his southern roots. Blake is a very accomplished competitor, but has not seen much TV time since his tag team run. He comes out early with some slower but effective offense. In a quick turn, McIntyre kicks Blake’s head off his shoulders. McIntyre follows up with some thundering chops. Blake with a kick to the midsection to create space. Blake heads to the corner for momentum but runs into a freight trained named Drew. Blake able to regain “Uncle Mo” with a big clothesline but gets just a one count as we go to break.

We’re back and Blake still with the upper hand. McIntyre lifts him up to the top turnbuckle but Blake flips him down with a nice transition into a cross arm breaker. McIntyre makes the ropes and then sends Blake outside. Blake continues to work over the arm and shoulder, but Drew stands firm and then systematically beats down Blake. Single axe handle from McIntyre off the top. Pop up power bomb from McIntyre with a nonchalant cover for a long two. Blake recovers and locks in the cross face on the returning star. McIntyre fights out with ease. Reverse Alabama Slam right in the face of Blake, but the veteran kicks out. Arm breaker from Blake for a two count. Nice back and forth action here. Blake heads up top, but McIntyre playing possum and joins him. Blake chops him down to crotch Drew on the ropes. Blake sits atop but McIntyre lifts himself up to take him off his perch. Big headbutt from the Scot sets up his finisher. McIntyre turns Blake inside out with his single leg kick for the pin. Good match.

Winner via Pinfall: Drew McIntyre

– McIntyre celebrates in the ring as we go off the air.

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