WWE NXT Results 5/17/17


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– Earlier today, we see NXT Champion, Bobby Roode, heading to the arena in a not so great mood as he yells at his trailing assistant, “Let’s go! I don’t got all day!”

– Commentary welcomes us to the show as we get right to our first match.

Drew McIntyre vs. Sean Maluta

– The bell rings with McIntyre initially taking a knee, he easily moves Maluta towards the turnbuckle as he has a huge size advantage in this match. Maluta with some chops with very little effect on Drew. Drew tosses Maluta twice with ease, followed up with a big stomp. Maluta with a flying Codebreaker, goes for the pin, McIntyre kicks out. Maluta thrown into the corner, tries to jump up and evade McIntyre, and instead gets kicked right in the face. This is followed up by a number of strikes and chop by McIntyre, who looks to have a cut under his eye. No worries about that, huge headbutt on Maluta! McIntyre with a Claymore (single leg dropkick) to finish off his opponent.

Winner by Pinfall: Drew McIntyre

– Post-match interview with Kayla Braxton, he’s asked about getting the attention of Wesley Blake. Drew says he’s not worried about the attention and will give Wesley his full attention with a match next week.

– Video package of last week showing Hideo Itami defeating Roderick Strong to become the number one contender for the NXT Championship. Strong was then attacked after the match by Sanity. Backstage, William Regal checked on Strong who simply said “I want Sanity.”

– Eric Young stands on a roof with the rest of Sanity and calls Strong crazy to take them on when he has a new baby and a fiance. Young accepts his challenge for NXT TakeOver: Chicago.

– Sonya Deville vs. Lacey Evans and Kassius Ohno vs. Andrade Almas up later tonight.

– Video package showing Hideo Itami’s history with NXT, including his debut back in 2014.

– Video package previewing NXT TakeOver: Chicago. This includes Peter Dunne and WWE UK Champion, Tyler Bate. Clips of their first match during the WWE UK Championship Tournament are shown. Bate says since winning the title, things have been “Wicked.” Dunne talks about how people got to see a glimpse of what he’ll do to get that title away from Bate.

– We get another Patrick Clark “Velveteen Dream” vignette.

– Video package of Hideo Itami on March 27, 2015 in San Jose when he took on Tyler Breeze and used the GTS against him for the victory.

– Earlier today, while in a car, Asuka is asked about defending the NXT Women’s Championship against two women. “Next question.” She’s asked about Ember Moon not being able to compete. “Next question.” She’s asked about future NXT goals. “Is this interview over?” With a big sigh, Asuka heads out and suddenly cheers along with the fans that are outside, but her annoyed demeanor returns as she gets away from the fans.

Lacey Evans vs. Sonya Deville

– Massive strikes by Sonya right off the bat, quick pin. Double leg takedown by Sonya, goes for another pin, but Lacey kicks out. Sonya locks in a body scissors, big knee to Lacey’s side, she’s fully in control thus far in the match. Hard punches to the stomach, but misses with a haymaker, Lacey connects with her own punch, sending Sonya to the mat. A couple big kicks, double knees, neckbreaker and Lacey goes for a pin, only getting a two-count. Sonya regains control and hits a step-up kick to the face to put Lacey down for the three count. That one was all Deville.

Winner by Pinfall: Sonya Deville

– Video package from last month of Hideo Itami coming out to confront Booby Roode in the ring. Itami slapped and gave Roode a GTS.

Kassius Ohno vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

– Thea Trinidad is at ringside, but commentary makes no mention of her, camera never focused in on her either. Kassius is rocking Orlando Magic gear, while Almas is in all white. Almas is relaxing right off the bat, so chill! Both men counter each others with some flips, Almas heads to the outside, Ohno front flips over the ropes to the apron to the floor, and catches Almas with a big front kick. Action back into the ring, Ohno with some chops, flips over the ropes to the apron, but Almas catches Ohno with a kick of his own. Ohno is down on the floor as we head to commercial. Back to the action, they are back in the ring, Ohno down in the corner, Almas goes for a dropkick, instead yells and slaps Ohno. Ohno with a slap of his own and these two are going back and forth.

Almas with an armbar over the top rope, breaking the hold at 4. Big drop kick by Almas, cover, only a two count, which Almas goes right into an armbreaker. Ohno dropped in the corner again, but he recover with a kick, chop, kick, headbutt, and finally a spinning neck break. The big man with a kip up! Spinning kick from Ohno, cover, and Almas kicks out at 2. Ohno attempts a top rope moonsault, Almas dodges it, gets in a standing elbow drop, pin for only 2. Planted on the top turnbuckle, Almas is sitting up there dazed for a moment, the two trade strikes while on the second rope. Elbow strikes drop Ohno, Almas eats a kick, then pulls off his own cartwheel double dropkick. Hammerlock DDT reversed, inverted tornado DDT by Almas, but Ohno kicks out at one! Another massive pump kick and double rolling elbows get the 1-2-3! Fantastic ending to that one.

Winner by Pinfall: Kassius Ohno

– Video package from last week of Itami defeating Strong to become the number one contender.

– “Glorious!” Out comes Bobby Roode to the ring and he admits that he was dropped by Itami, just minding his own business, in a $5,000 custom-made suit! “I hope you enjoyed that moment, because it will never, ever, happen again.” He teases Itami about him being in and out with injuries and that he wasn’t even sure if Hideo was still in the company anymore. Roode then says Itami will have to go back to his family and tell them he failed, again.

At this point, Itami heads out to the ring. Roode yells “You don’t have to do this right now!” As Regal comes down to the ring with security, trying to get him to go back. Suddenly, Roode is much more confident and actually wants to fight, now that security is around. Itami dodges security and takes down Roode, security pulls Itami away, who drops all of them. GTS to one, no, two poor souls. Roode sneak attacks Itami, but ends up on the receiving end of a GTS himself. Itami stands over the fallen champ, signaling that he will be the next NXT Champion.


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