WWE NXT Results 21st June 2017


Tonight’s episode features Kassius Ohno looking to prove himself against the darkly talented Aleister Black.

– We start off the show the Iconic Aussies, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. Royce is in action up next.

Peyton Royce vs. Ember Moon

Moon greeted with a nice pop and “welcome back” chant from the NXT Universe. They lock up and trade holds. Ember sends Royce into the corner and does her flip into a flying forearm. Royce able to reverse and get Moon up top for a high Impact Fisherman’s Suplex, but instead Royce bumps the ref, allowing Billie Kay to take Ember down with a tumble. Cover made by Royce for a two after a couple shots to the shoulder into the ring posts. We go to our first break.

We’re back and Royce still on top with an arm submission working over the formerly injured shoulder. Moon rolls it into a cover for a near fall. Royce using strikes but Moon fighting them off. Springboard cross body from Moon. Ember goes to the well too often with another flip leading to the forearm, except this time it was Royce’s boot meeting her face. Reversal after reversal finally ends with leg scissors take down. Moon heads up top for her stunner, but Kay pulls her cohort out of the ring. Throwing caution to the wind, Moon dives to the outside and takes out Kay. Royce throws Moon back into the ring and looks for a cover. Several cover reversals. Widow’s Peak from Royce for a long two count. Moon able to send Royce into the corner. She rolls right into position as Moon climbs the ropes and executes The Eclipse for the victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Ember Moon

– Backstage with Ohno and Itami. The Japanese star says he hasn’t seen the success in NXT that he had in Japan, and he’s been letting that get to him. Itami apologizes and Ohno accepts. Ohno says they both have things to prove and need to it the right way. Ohno says he starts that tonight.

Ealy Brothers vs. SAnitY (Young/Wolfe)

Quick lock-up. Wolfe gets the early advantage on Uriel Ealy and a quick tag made to Young. Ealy’s have a super impressive look. Uriel able to make the tag to Gabriel, but SAnitY still a step ahead. Quick tags from Young and Wolfe cutting the ring in half. Wolfe toys with Gabriel giving him an opportunity to tag his brother but quickly shuts it down. Ealy near his partner once again, but Wolfe cuts him off. Gabriel able to create separation, make a tag, and Uriel comes in with a house of fire. He gets Wolfe up for their finisher, but Young slips in and takes out the other brother. This distracts the official to miss a thumb to the eye from Wolfe. Young hits his trademark neck breaker for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: SAnitY

– A “Last Woman Standing” match announced for the NXT Women’s Championship between Nikki Cross and Asuka with no champion’s advantage. That match will take place next week.

– Vignette for Sonya DeVille. Put your hair up and square up.

Rachel Evers vs. Sonya DeVille

Rachael Ellering is a great choice to make DeVille look like an absolute beast. Evers soaking in the crowd support, but takes her eye off the ball a bit. Leg kicks from DeVille loosens up Evers. DeVille gets the take down for a quick one count. Evers fights out with a nice throw, but Deville goes right back to work. Body Triangle locked in. Evers out but a double leg takes her right back to the ground. Jaw breaker from Evers creates space. Evers gets a few strikes in, but this only fires up the former MMA competitor. DeVille ducks another strike and delivers one of her own to the midsection of Evers. DeVille takes the gloves off and goes to town on Evers. Double wrist lock arm submission makes Evers tap quickly.

Winner via Submission: Sonya DeVille

– We see footage of a photo shoot with Bobby Roode. The Strong family strolls in and Roode makes a joke about needing a doublewide sooner than later if they keep having kids. Roode says hello to Strong’s fiance and says whenever she feels like being with a real man, to give him a call. This sets Strong off and they brawl backstage. Roode says Strong can have a title shot anytime, anywhere.

– It’s main event time, and it should be a good one. Let’s get to the action.

Kassius Ohno vs. Aleister Black

Elbow vs. Kick. Feeling out process early. Black gets position, but Ohno lifts him up easily and sits him on the top rope with a clean break. Wrist locks and reversals galore at the start of this one. Black with control over the neck area of Ohno and never letting go. Ohno regains the advantage and takes Black to the ground. Quickly reversed and Ohno in trouble. Ohno makes the rope and another respectful clean break.

Ohno looking to change speeds and delivers a strike to the chest to Black, but receipt is given by a kick from Black. Ohno reeling, Black sets up the Black Mass, but Ohno sees it coming and quickly runs for the hills. Black teases a dive to the outside, but springboards back into the center of the ring to sit Indian Style. Black with a bevy of strikes, sends Ohno to the ropes, but Ohno able to counter with a big elbow. Stalemate as we go to break.

We’re back and Black has the advantage. Not for long, as Ohno hits a pump kick in the corner for a two count. Ohno grounds Black with a snapmare take down and leading it into a shoulder and neck submission. Ohno hits what looked to be a shoot senton with all his weight. Ohno sits Indian Style, which may have been a mistake. Maybe not, as Ohno catches Black, slings him down, and dishes a kick and a near fall. Ohno asks Black if he’s good or evil, and he may find out shortly. Whip exchange, Ohno goes for a baseball slide to escape, but lands right into a double stomp from Black. The dial has been turned to the right a bit with both guys hitting another level. Black with some stiff kicks to Ohno, but Kassius catches the leg. Pump kick from Ohno once again sends a dazed Black to the corner. Looking for a rolling elbow but gets a big boot. Off the rebound, Ohno hits a kick of his own. Crowd getting behind Ohno. These strikes are not soft by any stretch of the imagination. Pinning combo gets a near fall for Black. More high paced strikes from Black finished off with a knee strike and two count. Ohno able to hit a variety of strikes, stacks Black up, but just a long two. Ohno takes off the elbow pad off and preps the rolling elbow. Kick! Knee! Forearm! Fantastic sequence from both men. Ohno goes for the rolling elbow one last time, but is met by Black Mass. One, two, three. Nice match.

Winner via Pinfall: Aleister Black

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