WWE NXT Results: 12/20/17: Two Title Matches


Below are the results of WWE NXT:

SAnitY (Young/Dain) vs. The Undisputed Era (Fish/O’Reilly)–NXT Tag Team Championship

Young crawls to Dain, but O’Reilly stops him. It’s not enough and the tag is made and it’s now time for a little destruction. Corner avalanches abound. O’Reilly ducks but a drop kick hits Fish. Fish gets picked up and drops him and himself (Dain) onto O’Reilly. Young now the legal man and is alone with O’Reilly. EY heads up top and is sent down by the leader of UE Adam Cole. Nikki Cross evens the odds with a running cross body on Cole. Back to the ring. Leaping neck breaker on O’Reilly for a two. Dain looks to take out Cole for good but Cole shoves him into the ring post. Young takes his eye off the prize for a moment and gets met with the former Redragon’s finisher for the win and title change.

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: Fish & O’Reilly

– A quick look at the 3 participants already qualified for the fatal four-way #1 contender match. The last match comes down to Lars Sullivan and Roderick Strong. We get a video package for Strong. The fatal four-way is next week.

Lars Sullivan vs. Roderick Strong–#1 Contender Fatal Four-Way Qualifier

Strong launches himself toward Sullivan but gets caught in a bear hug. Bell claps make Sullivan’s head ring long enough to fight out. Sullivan charges for a kick and gets hung up in the ropes. Strong with shot after shot like a guy at the bar whose girlfriend just broke up with him. Lars recovers with relative ease and heads up top. Strong joins him and hits a monumental superplex. Sullivan with an impactful kick out at one. Angle Slam from Roddy and a big slam. Another near fall. Big slam followed by the Freak Accident and Sullivan moves on.

Winner Via Pin Fall: Lars Sullivan

– “Street Talk” with the Street Profits. They keep spreading their street knowledge to the people.

Pete Dunne (c) vs. Tyler Bate–WWE United Kingdom Championship

Crowd enjoying the match as both men gather themselves. Right hand from Dunne makes Bate bounce off the ropes to which he uses a wheel barrow kick. Bate goes for the patented Tyler Driver 97 but Dunne catches him into a triangle. Bate lifts out, but Dunne keeps hold. Bate lifts him up again and uses the ropes to his advantage to take Dunne’s breath away. Bate gets Dunne up in the fireman’s carry and proceeds to go spinning. After at least 10 revolutions, he reverses it to a big pop. Third time’s the charm as he reverses again and even faster. They both fall over but Bate makes the cover for a two. They slowly get up and the official has to break out the gloves as it appears Dunne is cut open. Bate hops on the second rope and uses it as a catapult to suplex Dunne over the ropes for a two. They kick the devil out of each other, although I’m sure there’s more in Dunne. Bitter End out of nowhere and Bate kicks out at 2.999. They exchange whirling clothesline kicking each other out of their boots. They’re now just throwing all they have. Bate slings a big right that hurts his hand just as much as it did Dunne. On the apron and they keep going after each other. Roll kick by Bate. He crawls to the cover but Dunne crawls away. Bate scales the ropes and lands into a big right of Dunne. X-Plex Power Bomb by Dunne and Bate kicks out. They had me there. Dunne tries to put Bate in the ring, Bate rebounds, and hits most of another clothesline. Bate lets Dunne sit outside to an eight count and then dives to break the count. Tyler Driver 97. One, Two, NOOOO. Both men completely worn out. Bate looks for another suplex from the top, but ends up taking the worst of the spot as Dunne reverses and lands on his feet. Dunne takes quick advantage and hits a second Bitter End to put the finishing touches on a fantastic title defense.

Winner and STILL WWE UK Champion: Pete Dunne

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