WWE NXT Results: 11/29/17 – Kairi Sane vs. Peyton Royce


Below are the results of WWE NXT Results:

Street Profits vs. Tino & Moss

Moss looks to seal the deal but gets all turnbuckle. They both make tags and Dawkins gets hot. Spinning splashes to both men. Dawkins goes for round two, but gets Tino’s elbow. Tino goes for the cover, Moss attempts to aid him from ringside, but the official catches them red-handed. Dawkins makes the blind tag to Ford, shakes off Tino, hits a nice spinebuster, and Ford goes airborne for the victory.

Winners via Pin Fall: Street Profits

– Brief exchange from the top Brits on the WWE UK roster.

Kairi Sane vs. Peyton Royce

Sane goes up top for a “jumping nothing” and gets smashed with a Royce knee. Cover for a two and Royce comes unglued. This gives Sane some room to fight back with an onslaught of boots and forearms. Sane heads up top again and this time she connects with her “InSane Elbow.” Goodnight Irene.

Winner via Pin Fall: Kairi Sane

– Recap of last week’s match between Ruby Riott (2 T’s now) and Sonya Deville (still 2 L’s). They’ll be in a “no holds barred” match next week.

Mustache Mountain (Seven/Bate) vs. Pete Dunne & Mark Andrews

Suplex, tag, cover by Bate but Andrews makes the save. Spot after spot right now making my fingers tired. Bate with a deadlift German and Dunne makes the tag on the way up for the tumble. Bate back up and sends Andrews for a spin. Dunne makes the blind tag while Andrews is spinning. Straight right by Dunne, Bate rebounds for a huge uppercut. Bate hits the Tyler Driver 97 for the win. Great showcase match.

Winners via Pin Fall: Mustache Mountain

– Andrews, who won’t get his title shot now, seems a little upset with his partner. He decides to keep his cool while Dunne does not. He takes out Andrews on his way out of the ring. But wait, he’s not done. Dunne comes back to hit the Bitter End and stands tall to end the episode.

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