WWE NXT Results: 1/17: 18


Heavy Machinery vs. Sabbatelli & Moss

Before the bell rings, we get a look at HM taking a peak at the former football stars’ car parked out front of the PC last month. Collar and elbow tie up starts us off as is tradition. Dozier gets the best of the opening exchange but Tino is able to catch him with a drop kick. This only ticks off the big man who comes back with a shoulder tackle. Whip exchange that Dozovic skips over Tino and catches a cross body attempt and slams Tino down. Tag made and the Knight Train enters the ring. Front face lock swing by Tucker which is a new variation for me. Tino exits with a tag and Moss suffers a similar fate. Double team sandwich from HM. Moss able to turn the tide and their athleticism is now coming into play. Dozovic fights out of a chin lock and hits a belly to back suplex. Both men down but tag made to Knight. Shoulder tackles, hip toss, and a drop kick. He choo choo’s up the train and gets ready to attack. Knight gets rolled up and the referee makes the three count despite Moss’ feet being on the ropes for leverage.

Winners via Pinfall: Sabbatelli & Moss

– Undisputed Era with a backstage promo with their music in the background. They say TakeOvers are their event. Cole says they tried to scare him with an extreme rules match in Philly against Aleister Black, but not an issue. The tag champs say Street Profits and AOP are fighting for the opportunity to get dropped by the champs.

Roderick Strong vs. Fabian Aichner

Aichner displaying his power as he delivers another slam and one of the top stars in the brand remains down. Strong’s fighting spirit bodes him well as he keeps clawing. Strong catches Aichner and turns it into a back breaker. Strong has Aichner up in a fireman’s carry, but the relative NXT rookie won’t let go of the ropes. He pops down and hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Aichner looks to capitalize by heading up top for a diving clothesline. Roddy catches him and takes him to the ground for the Strong Hold. Aichner taps after a solid showing.

Winner via Submission: Roderick Strong

– Strong takes the mic and cuts the same promo Lars Sullivan cut on Killian Dain last week. Word for word, Strong calls out Sullivan and the crowd has their doubts.

Aliyah vs. Lacey Evans

Evans pins Aliyah in the corner and hits an elevated bronco buster. Aliyah showing some fight with a corner attack and northern lights suplex. Jaw breaker by Evans creates space as they go to opposite corners. Aliyah charges but gets met with a HUGE right hand. Aliyah crumbles to the mat. Evans seems impressed by her own strength and covers Aliyah for the three.

Winner via Pinfall: Lacey Evans

– Evans takes the mic and cuts a heel promo and says its time for a real classy and powerful woman to clean house around NXT. She names Nikki Cross and Ember Moon by name before Shayna Baszler comes out. After a quick stare down, Baszler chooses Aliyah as her victim instead. She chokes out Aliyah as officials try to break it up. Moon comes out for the save for the second week in a row, and for the second week in a row Baszler exits stage left. Moon takes the mic and dares Shayna to bully her like she has the others. She wants a fight, but Baszler says she’s not in her gear and it will have to wait for another day. Moon lays the smacketh down and says to name the time and place. Baszler says Philly and for the title.

Street Profits vs. Authors of Pain (#1 Contenders Match)

Guillotine hold takes Ford down to his knees. The crowd tries to get Ford back in it while Dawkins chomps at the bit with the length of the tag rope. Ford pushes the AOP member step by step. Dawkins with the tag and is a house afire. Drop kicks, lariats, and an uppercut. 360 splash. Tag made. Ford climbs the rope for an elevated drop kick. Cover by Dawkins for a two. AOP reset with Ellering giving instructions from ringside. Super Collider followed by the Last Chapter. Relatively easy win for AOP all things considered.

Winners & New #1 Contenders: Authors of Pain

– The match for TakeOver is made official as the victorious Authors of Pain will take on Fish and O’Reilly in Philly. AOP and Ellering celebrate as we head off the air.

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