WWE NXT Results: 1/1018 – Tag Title Match, Shayna Baszler Debuts


Below are th result of WWE NXT:

Shayna Baszler vs. Dakota Kai

Both ladies well received by the crowd. However the “Shayna’s gonna kill you” chant quickly fills Center Stage. Kai staves off multiple submission attempts but finally gets caught and has nowhere to go. Baszler more or less toying with the New Zealander. Stiff kick and stomps to the hand to add insult to injury. Baszler stomps on Kai’s arm/elbow and the referee stops the match. Medical personnel there quickly to take a look.

Winner Via Official Stoppage: Shayna Baszler

– After the match, Baszler goes back to attack Kai and puts her to sleep with a clutch. Having seen enough, NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon comes out for the save. Baszler exits stage left to avoid any further confrontation.

Kassius Ohno vs. Raul Mendoza

Mendoza slips out but not for long. Senton by the much bigger Ohno gets a two. Mendoza sweeps the leg, hits a couple shots, and hits a corkscrew arm drag. Springboard kick from Mendoza for a two. Mendoza leaps on Ohno, but gets caught and put in the Electric Chair to be dropped on the ropes. Ohno hits his signature rolling elbow from behind for the knockout blow and victory.

Winner Via Pin Fall: Kassius Ohno

– Zelina Vega speaks to the media. She says she and Almas are more on the same page than ever and will display that in Philly. When asked about Gargano, she says Johnny Wrestling got lucky in the four way and was in the right place at the right time. When asked about strategy, the wily manager says she didn’t get here by revealing her secrets. Vega says they’re taking Gargano seriously and there’s no running from Almas.

Lio Rush vs. Lars Sullivan

The collective gasp when Lars was revealed as Lio’s opponent…priceless! Lio using his speed to avoid Lars, which is more or less just ticking him off. Sullivan catches Rush by the throat and slings him to the ropes, then the turnbuckle. Rush turns into jello but able to leap out of harm’s way for the moment. Lio dodges another charge, hits the ropes, but gets turned inside out by a lariat. Freak Accident quickly disposes of the prodigy.

Winner Via Pin Fall: Lars Sullivan

– After the match, Sullivan says he’s faced opponent after opponent, and sometimes multiple at once. He keeps going back to being in the four way and facing a force he’s never felt before, but that makes him happy. He directly calls out Killian Dain. As his music hits, he hits an exclamation point on Lio Rush as he hits the Freak Accident from the top rope. Rush selling it like a million bucks.

Undisputed Era (c) vs. Roderick Strong & Aleister Black–NXT Tag Team Championship

Black uses his educated feet to take Fish down and looks for the tag. He makes it just in time and Strong is a house afire. Roddy with one of the best drop kicks in the game taking it to both men. Back breaker to Fish, overhead belly to belly to O’Reilly. KOR recovers quickly as Strong works on Fish and hits a kick but Strong follows suit with a high knee. Both men down. Black taking out Fish on the outside, rolls him back in, but Adam Cole prevents Black from doing anymore damage. Cole hightails it through the crowd and Black gives chase. This allows UE to hit their finish to retain the titles.

Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions: Undisputed Era

– A scorned Black heads back to the ring and takes out the tag team, but Cole trails back to help take out Aleister. Undisputed Era leaves Strong and Black laying. Not done yet, they grab a chair, set it up, and Cole hits somewhat of an AA (fireman’s carry slam) onto the chair. They cement themselves as the top team of NXT.

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