WWE NXT Level Up Results and Videos 2/3/2023


– This week’s WWE NXT Level Up episode was taped the previous Tuesday from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Byron Saxton and Vic Joseph were on commentary.

– Sol Ruca defeated Lash Legend. Ruca continues to develop a following and she carried Legend through this one. Legend worked on the arm and neck but Ruca hit signature offense and won with the Sol Snatcher.

– Kelly Kincaid interviewed Brooks Jensen, Josh Briggs, Kiana James and Fallon Henley backstage. Briggs is excited for the main event but wants Henley and James to stay in the back to focus on their match at Vengeance Day, which they won to become the new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. Jensen followed James and Henley, and Briggs yelled at him.

– Javier Bernal defeated Oba Femi. Femi had some good power offense while Bernal played the heel well. Femi controlled most of the match and looked to get the win until Bernal raked his eyes and used a handful of tights to get the roll-up.

– Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen defeated Xyon Quinn and Bronco Nima in the main event. Typical back & forth Briggs and Jensen tag team match. Quinn had some good power moves. Jensen had hot tag offense at the end of the match, hitting an Atomic Drop on Quinn, then holding him there for Briggs’ big boot for the pin.

Below are clips from this week’s NXT Level Up episode:

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WWE NXT Level Up Results and Videos 2/3/2023 Wrestling Headlines.

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