WWE next year Huge push up


According to WrestleTalk News, Cesaro is in line for a huge push next year that is why he was not traded to SmackDown Live. WWE’s top brass reportedly has big plans for Cesaro, as well as Sheamus, next year which could finally lead to a world title run.

It should be noted that The Swiss Superman complained about his status on the WWE after the brand split. Cesaro got off-script and cut a shoot promo that blasted some WWE top officials. The result was backstage heat but it reportedly got the attention of Vince McMahon in a good way.

After that shoot, Cesaro went into a feud with Sheamus. It led to a Best of Seven series that ended in a tie much to the dismay of many fans. Raw general manager Mick Foley then ordered the two stars to be paired into a tag team.

At first, it looked like the WWE did not know what to do with Cesaro and Sheamus. However, the two have great chemistry which led to great segments and matches. That caught the attention of the top officials and it paid off with a big win last Sunday.

Cesaro and Sheamus became the Raw tag team champions. They ended the reign of The New Day as the longest tag team champions in WWE history, per It showed how much faith the company has on the pairing of The Swiss Superman and The Celtic Warrior.

The success of Cesaro and Sheamus might become the launching pad for both superstars as they head into 2017. Sheamus is already a three-time world champion but his reigns are not very memorable. On the other hand, Cesaro has not tasted world title gold in his WWE career.

The WWE fans have already called for Cesaro being a world champion next year and it might finally happen. The Cesaro Section is getting bigger and bigger every week and his performance in the ring leaves everyone in awe.

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