WWE next hacked victim might be Celeste Bonin


Kaitlyn’s revealing selfies have sent the internet into a tizzy leading to fear and concern over the former wrestler’s well-being. This news comes just a few days after the highly-publicized sex-tape/nude pic scandal involving WWE Superstar Paige (Saraya Jade-Bevis) and two other male pro-wrestlers, Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox.

Kaitlyn (real name- Celeste Bonin) is a former WWE Divas champion, whose career as a pro-wrestler spanned 4 years (2010-14) which saw her feud with several big-names such as AJ Lee, Natalya, Layla and several others. She bid adieu to the squared-circle in 2014 in order to focus on her marriage and her ‘Celestial Bodiez’ clothing line.

The controversial photographs that are allegedly Kaitlyn’s selfies have led to widespread speculation amongst fans as to whether or not said pics really belong to her. Here are a few photographs posted via her official Instagram account, in which the background seems to be eerily similar to that of the leaked pics:

The selfie-scandal notwithstanding, Kaitlyn aka Celeste Bonin continues to work as a representative of ‘Celestial Bodiez’ clothing line whilst looking to move on in life after having recently separated from her husband PJ Braun, in February of this year.

Out of respect to Ms. Bonin, we’ve refrained from posting the scandalous pics. In light of the recent series of hacking incidents that have hit the sports-entertainment industry, this incident seems to be yet another cowardly hack by cyber criminals, who seems to have nothing constructive to do other than harassing people online.

Regardless of whether the pictures belong to Kaitlyn or not, let’s hope the law enforcement authorities get to the bottom of this and ensure that the internet goons are brought to justice.

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