WWE names the 30 greatest moments in the history of Raw


In honor of the upcoming 30th anniversary of Monday Night Raw, WWE’s latest Top 10 is a special looking at the 30 greatest moments in the history of the show. I am prepared to strongly disagree with this list, let’s get it:

30. Undertaker wins first main event
29. Stone Cold meets Mike Tyson
28. The Nexus debut
27. This is Your Life
26. 1-2-3 Kid upsets Razor Ramon
25. Bobby Lashley beats The Miz to win the WWE title
24. Shawn Michaels’ hits Sweet Chin Music on Shelton Benjamin
23. Drew McIntyre beats Randy Orton to win the WWE title
22. Goldberg debuts
21. DX invades WCW
20. John Cena beats Rey Mysterio to win the WWE title
19. Triple H returns from injury in 2002
18. Bret Hart forgives Shawn Michaels
17. Kevin Owens wins the Universal title
16. Big E beats Bobby Lashley to win the WWE title
15. Shane McMahon buys WCW
14. Police arrest Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, and Charlotte Flair
13. Batista turns on Evolution
12. Brock Lesnar returns in 2012
11. Eric Bischoff debuts
10. Lita wins title in first women’s main event
9. Roman Reigns beats Sheamus to win the WWE title
8. Kane unmasks
7. Dolph Ziggler cashes in Money in the Bank to win world title
6. Stone Cold showers The Corporation with a beer truck
5. John Cena is drafted to Raw
4. The Rock returns in 2011
3. Seth Rollins betrays The Shield
2. Stone Cold stuns Mr. McMahon for the first time
1. Mick Foley beats The Rock to win the WWE title

Yep, I strongly disagree with this list.


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