WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results: Week 6 – Bobby Roode & Charlotte Flair Vs. Apollo & Nia Jax


Tonight’s episode sees SmackDown LIVE superstars Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair take on their adversaries from RAW, Apollo and Nia Jax. Will the “Robe Warriors” WOO their way to victory, or will the athletically gifted team of Apollo and Nia “cruise” to a win? Find out tonight!

Charlotte Flair & Bobby Roode vs. Nia Jax & Apollo

The bell ring, and as is MMC tradition, we have time killing comedy. Roode attempts the Flair strut, but Charlotte comes out to correct his form. Snapmare from Roode who winds up the Glorious chant. He lets out a WOO and we’re back to work. Hip toss and deep arm drags from Apollo as Nia looks to support her partner. Roode reverses with some chops that gets the crowd interacting in homage. Apollo using his extreme agility to avoid attacks and hits a beautiful drop kick. Crowd wants Charlotte, and she wants in too.

Tag made and Charlotte and Nia step in the ring. Nia with some sass to Bobby and Charlotte and she throws Charlotte around like a rag doll. Dana tries to help out by holding onto the foot of Charlotte, but Nia doesn’t want her help. Big boot from Charlotte and follows it up with some corner spears. Big drop kick sends Nia out of the ring to regroup alongside her “teammates.” Nia with running corner splashes and a slam. Elbow drop, cover, two count. Charlotte blocks a pair of suplexes and creates space with a bevy of knees. Not for long as Charlotte gets sent to the outside. Nia argues with her team which allows Charlotte time to regroup and attack upon reentry to the ring. Chop blocks take her larger opponent down. Charlotte locks in the Figure Four, but unable to get it to the Figure Eight. The Samoan aptly uses a headbutt to make Charlotte release the hold.

Tag made and the men are back in the action. Roode comes in fired up. Heads up top and hits a flying clothesline and attempts to get the crowd riled up. Goes for the Glorious DDT after a kick but gets reversed and we’re at a stalemate. Titus reminding Apollo there’s $100,000 on the line for charity and to stay focused. Nia breaks up a pin. She and Charlotte go up top, and Charlotte sends her to the mat, but the men are still legal. Charlotte lands a short moonsault, attempts a pinfall, but no count since they’re not legal. Roode nails the Glorious DDT on the other side of the ring to end the match.

Winners via Pinfall: Charlotte Flair & Bobby Roode

– We get a preview of next week’s matchup, which is the first of the quarterfinals. Sasha Banks and Finn Balor will take on Miz and Asuka.

– Renee Young interviews the victors, who WOO in celebration, with Roode’s leaving a bit to be desired.

– After the match, Nia runs down the running mates of her partner, which she blames for losing. After buttering up Titus, she verbally undresses him and says he’s not a coach and Dana isn’t a statistician, but they’re only a couple of zeros. Nia shoves Titus down and Samoan Drops Dana and storms off to end the show.

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