WWE again making calls regarding women’s tournament?



WWE may once again be making calls regarding the long rumoured women’s tournament that could take place in 2017.

The speculation comes as part of the website’s weekly rumour round-up and as such comes with little in the way of a source, but with the tournament all but confirmed by Triple H, it wouldn’t be surprising if more news were to be released about the tourney in the near future.

In case you didn’t know….

The likelihood of WWE running other division-specific tournaments has increased ever since the WWE Cruiserweight Classic proved to be such a huge success. The United Kingdom tournament in January built on the success of the CWC and it has long been suggested that an all-female tournament may well be next in line.

The rumours have covered everything from a single elimination tournament to a tag team tournament, but so far WWE has been relatively quiet on the subject.

The heart of the matter….

If the Cruiserweight Classic can act as a viable template for what the women’s tournament may look like, a mixture of international talent and former WWE performers may well make up the presumed 16-woman field.

The WWE Performance Center has also signed a batch of females already in 2017 and whilst it is unlikely that those individuals would be introduced to the WWE Universe via a tournament, nothing is impossible in this day and age.

In an interview with FOX Sports earlier in the year Triple H confirmed that the tournament would take place this year but was reticent regarding the structure of the tournament. The profile of women’s wrestling has increased hugely over the last few years but the scouting process would almost certainly still be fairly arduous, especially considering the fact that Triple H has mentioned that he would like unknown talent to be a part of the tournament.

What’s next?

It is unlikely that any news will be released regarding the tournament in the build-up to WrestleMania 33, but the summer may well see it take centre stage. As for who will be a part of the tournament, many news outlets have been reporting recently that Victoria and WWE are in talks about a return. Could that be specifically for this tournament?

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