WWE Mae Young Classic Results: Episode Five – Kairi Sane Vs. Bianca Belair


– WWE Mae Young Classic Results: Episode Five-

Here are the results of WWE Mae Young Classic Episode Five:

– Abbey Laith Vs. Rachel Evers

Alligator clutch, countering a boot after Evers was frustrated she didn’t get three on a powerslam from the top rope.

– Winner: Abbey Laith (Via Pinfall)

– Piper Niven Vs. Serena Deeb via pinfall following

A Michinoku Driver, countering a spear. Lots of Serena surviving power moves from Niven leading to her kicking out of a Viper Bomb and rolling out of one from the top rope before the finishing sequence.

– Winner: Piper Niven

– Mercedes Martinez Vs. Princesa Sugehit via pinfall

A fisherman’s buster. Martinez’s left shoulder was “injured” during the match and aggravated by Princesa’s Fujiwara Armbar, setting up a story for her quarterfinal match with Abbey Laith.

– Winner: Mercedes Martinez

– Kairi Sane Vs. Bianca Belair

The diving elbow drop. Belair dominated (and played heel, pretty much) for most of the match, but when Sane kicked out of a gorgeous 450 Splash, she lost it, missed a spear and the rest was history.

– Winner: Kairi Sane (Via Pinfall)

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